Season 5 — Episode 9: ‘Accusations & A Runaway’

Brian: seriously I need a hobby? How about your hobby??

Lauralie: What hobby?


Lauralie: Are you serious right now?

Lauralie’s Reaction

Brian: YES YOU FRAUD! I’m sick of you and your side ass comments! You wanna play with the big girls? Buckle up lady!

Lauralie: You are a degenerate.

Devyn: spell degenerate?

Brian goes to grab Lauralie’s wrist, but Lauralie moves away and gets up.


Lauralie: Honey, you are a stripper.

Ava: OOP! There’s another stripper in the group!?

Devyn: That’s DOCTOR STRIPPER to you!

Devyn & Ava

Joshuaa: You okay? Just ignore Brian, he’s drunk.

Lauralie: She is…

Joshuaa: Truth will out. Come sit with me.

Lauralie: She needs help. Like… I have a husband, kids. I don’t have to sleep around.

Brian: Lauralie needs some therapy and a little STD check perhaps

Joshuaa: Enough Brian!

Ava: That is low Brian, c’mon now.

Lauralie: What a fucking bitch

Brian: Just saying! Saftey first ladies!

Devyn’s Confessional: I don’t like Lauralie but now Brian got me feeling like I need to defend her. That was so low.

Joshuaa: Ladies let’s just not bring husbands or children into it now.

Tyler: You’re kidding? Like somoene pinch me, seriously.

Tyler’s Reaction

Joshuaa: What now? What’s wrong?

Tyler: Joshuaa, you have attacked so many peoples’ husbands and children. Jerika, Casey, Steph! And furthermore, you aren’t too honest about your life either.

Brian: Oh boy!

Billie: What do you mean?

Joshuaa: Oh, really? I think what I have said is justified.

Tyler: REALLY. Let’s not speak on others.

Joshuaa: Pfft. This bitch!

Tyler: Oh you want me to? Don’t wave me away I’m not your dog, don’t wave me away!

Tyler’s Confessional: I don’t know what came over me, you just can be logical in that situation. I saw red and just had had enough of Joshuaa.

Joshuaa: Oh, you wanna get in my face about it now haha. Someone’s drunk.

Devyn: *whispers to Ava* Shit. This might get physical.

Joshuaa: *Stands up and squares up to Tyler* Okay… I’m ready.

Ava: Tyler, sit down. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Tyler: Yeah I will get in your face because you’re so full of shit.

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Tyler won’t touch me. He cant afford the lawsuit.


Tyler: Let’s talk about Derek cheating on you! He admitted it to my husband. Why do you seriously think that I was so inquisitive about your marriage? Huh?

Billie: Oh. My. GOD. This just got juicy.

Joshuaa: That is low Tyler.

Tyler: If you want to talk truth, let’s talk it baby

Joshuaa: Excuse me?

Tyler: NOBODY is lower than you.

Joshuaa: You’ll be lower than me when I knock that fake nose off your face!

Tyler: DO IT. Hit me. Ask Derek.

Joshuaa: LIAR. *

Brian: Was this all before or after baby?

Tyler: Joshuaa will tell you all the truth, if he’s honest.

Joshuaa: You’re all gross. This is gross.

Billie: No wonder Joshuaa is miserable.

Joshuaa: My husband is no cheater.

Billie’s Confessional: Joshuaa has a baby in hopes of saving his marriage. How dreadful.



Tyler: He did. They are friends. You don’t have to beleive it, but it is the truth.

Joshuaa: You’re sick. I will never speak to you again.

Tyler: Promise?

Brian’s Confessional:Perhaps Joshuaa’s husband is sleeping around with the woman of the night, Lauralie?

Ava: So it’s ‘true’ because your husband says it’s true? How are we expected to believe you? As if you are so credible.

Devyn: Why do it in a public forum if it pesky concern anybody else? Tyler is a joke.

Joshuaa: Move out of my way Tyler

Tyler: No. Move me.

Ava: Oh, where is your boss to help move you? I mean cousin?

Joshuaa: MOVE.

Devyn: LAWD this is so childish. Anyone else wanna drop a bomb? Speak now or forever shut up.

Brian: Ava, are you looking for an argument now?

Ava: I don’t argue sweetie. You can argue with my fist if you’re feeling froggish

Joshuaa: I’m not filming anymore of this.

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Tyler has done the unthinkable and cut our ties for good. I’ll never ever look at him the same way again.

Tyler: BYE! Go call Derek! BYE!

Tyler’s Confessional: Pushed and I’ve never felt so free. I couldn’t handle the holier than though with Joshuaa saying don’t bring up husbands and children. It’s a joke because he wrote the book on those insults.

Ava: Thanks for the lovely dinner though. You’ve got a real winner in that one over there! Good luck investing in that trash!

Joshuaa: I can’t beleive this shit Harry, I can’t do this with Tyler I can’t. I won’t! Not anymore!

Harry: Let’s get you back out there, come on. We haven’t finished filming.

Joshuaa: ARE YOU KIDDING? I’m going home, I am done okay? Shut the door please.

Joshuaa’s Reaction

Joshuaa: I…. I can’t bel…ieve this…. shit. I ca…can’t.

Ava: Can I come in quick?

Devyn: Bitch. *laughs* what the hell is going on?! I was just about to call Joshuaa. I think he’s left?

Brian’s Confessional: I just wanted to make sure that they didn’t run off to Joshuaa. They are still my guests and I just wanted to make sure that the mothership wasn’t calling them home.

Brian: Hey, look ladies I know tonight has been rough. Things were said, I just wanted to come and let you know that you are still wanted here. So let’s put a pin in it and we can pick up tomorrow, okay?

Ava: Fine.

Devyn: Sure Brian, sounds good. Goodnight.

Ava: This is crazy.

Devyn’s Confessional: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer ladies. If Tyler will do this to Joshuaa. Watch your backs.

Ladies of Twitter airs Tuesdays-Thursdays at 7/6c



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