Season 6: Episode 17 – ‘A Splash of Drama’

Ladies of Twitter
14 min readNov 22, 2018

As the episode begins, we hear a quick tempo in the background as the camera focuses in on the set of a photoshoot. The camera then pans to Jac who is in hair and makeup getting final touchups. Just then, some of the other women arrive and take seats to watch the photoshoot and greet each other. Just then Jac walks to the set in a see through outfit for her photoshoot.

Jac Confessional: After months of recovery and self-discovery I’ve decided its time i do something for myself god damn it and what better way to celebrate the new me then a photoshoot in the nude honey!! Yesssss!

Brian: Hunny! You look gorgeous!

Jac: Thanks for stopping by girls! I’m glad to see you. Do you like my outfit? *laughs*

Kylee: You look stunning girl!

Jac: Thanks chica! You girls know it’s been one hell of a journey.

Kylee Confessional: To go from almost dying to THIS! I have respect for her.

Allie: Are you nervous Jac?

Jac: I am Allie! I think back to the opening of your restaurant girl and I hadn’t left the house since the accident and now *tears up*…I really am proud of where I am in my life right now

Kylee: Awh, look at this though Jac, this is all YOU! You did this *hugs Jac*

Brian: Jac! So excited for you!

Jac: Thank you sweetheart! I just wanted something to ooze sex appeal. I’ve always wanted to do this but have never had the balls so I guess that’s one positive I can take out of that car crash. A newfound appreciation of my inner and exterior beauty that I never had before. We should call Joshuaa before she sits down with Devyn. *dials Joshuaa’s number*

Joshuaa then answers the phone.

Joshuaa: Hey, how’s it going?

Jac: Girl it’s good! I’m stood here with my ass out surrounded by Brian, Allie and Kylee *laughs*

Joshuaa: Oh hey ladies, hope you’re looking after wifey. So I’m going to see Devyn and Danielle later on today.

Jac: Jesus, how are you feeling about that?

Brian: Good luck with that. I wouldn’t want to touch them with a 69 foot pole

Joshuaa: I just want to know what’s going on! You know? I’ve heard rumors and gossip about Danielle having my ex’s baby, I just think be a woman and own up and tell me. Devyn hates me because Billie hates me

Jac: I agree my love, but just remember don’t get too crazy. Your ass is pregnant.

Joshuaa: Not too pregnant to slap a bitch, let’s just see how it goes.

Jac: Anyways babe they’re calling me back to take some more pics! But call me the second you finish ending those hoes. Love you hun! *hangs up* Ok ladies so which outfit for my next look? *shows the women a string bikini and a latex S&M suit*

As the women continue laughing and enjoying Jac’s photoshoot, the screen pans over to an office building in downtown Twitter. There, we see Billie Reed waling into the office of therapist Doctor Jeff.

Billie Confessional: Today I’m visiting Dr. Jeff. Thankfully I got his number after Jac’s therapy session. I really feel like him and I need to talk. I feel myself getting down and out and watching my world fall apart, so he knows my struggles and history so I figured it would be best if I talked to him.

Dr. Jeff: Hello Miss Billie, come on and have a seat in this room. So Billie what is going on. What has brought you here today?

Billie: Well Dr. Jeff every since my childhood I’ve always had this resentment towards my mother and father because I was raised in a broken home, so they constantly fought, and most nights they would both be out till 3 or 4 in the morning, leaving me all by myself.

Dr. Jeff: Wow Billie, I’m sorry to hear that. You know that is very traumatic for anyone. Have you tried talking to your parents about it?

Billie: No Dr. Jeff I haven’t, in fact when I moved to Twitter I decided I would close that chapter in my life, that is also about the same time I gave my daughter. I was not in the right head space to raise a child. I knew then and there she deserved to love someone who loved her as much as I loved my parents. Being around this group of ladies has made it very difficult to keep this chapter in my life closed.

Dr. Jeff: Do you think in a sense you have a difficulty letting go of things and maybe that is why your relationship with those women are not healthy?

Billie: Yes and No Dr Jeff. I feel like some relationships are repairable with these girls and some are not. I do have a hard time letting go of things, because I never got closure I just shut them out of my life and never discussed it, and now that is how I deflect is shut them out and not talk about it.

Dr. Jeff: Wow Billie, you have endured a lot, but you also need closure in your life to repair those broken relationships like your friends and even your daughter.

Billie: Thank you Dr Jeff you’re right. I need to start with myself and find happiness within myself before I can repair all of my other relationships. No one deserves to have a friend that is a negative Nancy nor should a daughter have a miserable mother. I hope seeing you today and talking about my relationships and where I am in my life is the first step to my own self recovery.

Dr. Jeff: Thank you Billie for coming by, I suggest you that we have you on my every other week program for 6 months. We have a lot to iron out. Would you be interested?

Billie: Yes, Dr. Jeff, I agree. I can squeeze that into my busy schedule. I want to live a better and healthier life for myself.

Just then, the scene changes and we see Tyler unpacking in his bedroom. Just then, we see shots of several cars pulling up to Tyler’s home and ringing the doorbell. One by one, Tyler lets Billie, Devyn, and Farrah into the house as they all greet each other and sit down in the living room.

Tyler Confessional: I’ve just returned from my honeymoon and some of the girls are coming over to say hello. I didn’t leave Norway on the best terms with some of them so here goes

Tyler: Girls, great to see you all, I just back into town this morning, I haven’t even unpacked.

Devyn: You look relaxed and happy. Tell us about the honeymoon.

Tyler: We went to Italy! It was so much fun, I hadn’t been, Zack was showing me around.

Devyn: That’s great, your ink barely dried on that divorce decree honey. I guess when you know you know. *laughs*

Farrah: What do the kids think?

Tyler: Yeah I wasn’t expecting it now, but he proposed when I was getting home from Norway and I’m in love. The girls like him, they’ve met him a little bit, not a ton. But they like him

Billie: So why did you decide to keep it from us?

Billie Confessional: Hell Tyler was my damn matron of honor in my wedding I would think he would have some respect to tell me he was engaged or hell even getting married

Tyler: Keep what? It was spur of the moment. My daughters and our parents attended the ceremony. He proposed when we returned from Norway and I was married less than three days later

Billie: Well I am happy for you. Just a little hurt.

Devyn: Love is love. Serious question though, did you cheat on Adam?

Billie: Now Devyn, come on. I love you, but that is low

Tyler: I’m just struggling to see what business that is of yours

Devyn: I wasn’t trying to be low or shady, I promise. I was genuinely curious. Tyler I apologize for asking.

Devyn Confessional: Sweet baby Jesus! I’m not the only person that would ask this or question it. Shotgun weddings happen but rarely without precursors.

Billie: Well I think why she is asking is because she’s talking to Adam. I mean I saw where Adam sent her a picture of him when we were in Norway.


Tyler: I know they talk *laughs* They work together, I’d expect them to communicate.

Billie: I mean they are dating Tyler. That’s what I’m getting at. Am I wrong Devyn, you deserve to be happy, Tyler has moved on clearly, so no harsh feelings, am I right?

Devyn: That should be the case Billie. This is Tyler’s day, not about my personal life.

Tyler: Well I don’t think this was the right forum for this kind of information.

Billie: Well I didn’t think you, Jac, and Farrah discussing my child without me present was the “right forum” for that kind of information. So that’s neither here nor there.

Farrah: Billie, let’s not rehash what you don’t want out.

Tyler: Billie, I stuck up for you then and I’m over this.

Billie: Jac, said you were present. That’s all I know. I don’t know I’m hurt by a lot of your actions Tyler. It has really thrown me for a loop. It’s like I’ve watched my own heart break in front of me. And Farrah as for you. You’re just mean and jealous. You’ve always wanted what I had and you always will.


Farrah: Mean and jealous? You know I can’t have children and the fact that you sit here Billie, pretending to be my friend while you should be trying to mend things with your daughter!

Billie: Farrah don’t even go there. I suggest you proceed with caution. Because I will talk about what you don’t want out. And Tyler, how dare you! What have I done to you Tyler? Please enlighten me.

Farrah: You’re the most insecure person I’ve ever met!

Tyler: You continue to attack me in front of groups of women! First it was in Ibiza when I was drinking the kool-aid and then it was fucking Norway about a conversation where I STUCK UP FOR YOU! And then you got so mad you threw a wine glass! If I’m you’re friend, you shouldn’t do that. ANY OF THAT.

Devyn: Billie, let’s not do this here. Let’s celebrate Tyler’s happiness.

Billie: Tyler, you have spent your time so far up Joshuaa and Jac’s ass it’s deplorable and I see right through it. It’s like once they came back in your life you forgot about everything that you and I had built. I am hurt. My actions are coming from HURT TYLER, don’t you see that.

Tyler: You’re kidding? So this is that you’re jealous that I’m good with them now? I’ve always stuck up for you Billie and these cameras that surround us will show just that. And then you attempt to yell at me at any chance

Farrah: And you wonder why Twitter Palace isn’t renewing your contract. Anywho, au revoir Tyler and Devyn. I’m so happy for you Tyler *grabs bag and walks out*

Billie: Tyler, then why haven’t you came to me to talk. It’s like you don’t give a fuck about me. You can defend my name but why are you not giving what I give you. You knew I had your back when no one else did, behind the scenes, in group events, one on one, I constantly defended you name.

Tyler: And I’ve done the same but you’re a big girl, you can fight your own battles. You’re your own worst enemy anyways. You threw wine at me in Norway and said I was drinking the koolaid in Ibiza. I can’t defend your behavior. Your behavior is indefensible! Can’t you see what you’ve done to this friendship?

Billie: Oh really, Tyler through it back in my face. That wasn’t my best moment in Norway and you know that. I apologized then and I’ll apologize again. I’m sorry for throwing wine at you, but it was for Jac, not you. As for the drinking koolaid comment I’ve already apologized for that so why are we bringing it back up!

Tyler: Because Billie, it paints the picture. And I haven’t seen you since Norway to hear an apology or any of you women as a matter of fact

Billie: I’m glad you invited myself along with Devyn and Farrah over. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about this. Is there anything else I should know before this show airs and the cameras show things you may have said.

Tyler: You’re fucking kidding me! Because I’ve sat here and said over and over I continue to STICK UP FOR YOU!

Billie: No I do. I’m saying is there anything you may have said in the heat of the moment venting to one of the girls because if cameras were around they will air it and you know so

Tyler: No, can you say the same? Your lips are known for chatting, not mine.

Billie: Don’t go there Tyler, you know I’ve been nothing but a loyal friend to you.

Devyn: Y’all are sisters, you need to hug it out!

Billie: Okay. Girls let’s hug!! I could use it now.

Tyler Confessional: Hug? But what did we even resolve…to me it seems the three of us have more problems among us then ever..

Tyler: Well ladies, I have to go pick up my daughters if you don’t mind. Haven’t seen them in days, I can’t wait.

Billie and Devyn then thank Tyler and head out to the driveway to get into their cars as the scene then shifts back into the house.

Tyler: *shuts the door and looks at the producer* What the fuck was that? Those two girls coming here like that, off their rockers, and then hugging me at the end? *rolls eyes*

Just then, the camera pans over Twitter with an aerial shot as ominous music takes over the screen and day turns to night. We then see Joshuaa pulling up to a restaurant where Devyn and Danielle are sitting inside. Joshuaa then walks in and over to the ladies’ table.

Joshuaa: Hello ladies, how are we all?

Devyn: So Joshuaa, I’m surprised you wanted to meet up with us. What’s the tea?

Joshuaa: Nothing ladies, I just wanted to give you both the opportunity to finally tell the truth. Danielle we’ve been friends for years, so if there’s something to be said. Let’s say it. I’m just getting really fed up of the gossip.

Danielle: What do you mean?

Joshuaa: Well this *points to devyn* one here says that baby in there is my ex’s. SO are you that kind of girl Dani? Or is Devyn lying her ass off yet again?

Joshuaa Confessional: I mean, let’s do this. Ladies let’s just do this.

Devyn: No lies detected. Is this a secret Dani?

Danielle: I- Devyn, that’s totally an invasion of my privacy!

Devyn: You don’t get to call rough shot over a man’s life after he isn’t with you. And Danielle I didn’t know this wasn’t common knowledge. I’ve seen y’all out in public. I’m sure others have as well. If you feel I violated something I apologize but I’d never ever share anything medical.

Joshuaa: You brought it to me bitch so I have the right to ask!

Danielle: OKAY! Yes. This is Derek’s child and we are together now. He told me I shouldn’t share it with you so I was just respecting my fiancée.


Joshuaa: Shut your mouth! WHY? You want to hurt me?

Devyn: Hurt you by being happy with your ex? Aren’t you an entitled bitch.

Danielle: He and I fell in love. It just happened. I didn’t ask for it, it just happened. We’re happy now and he asked me to marry him

Joshuaa: *laughs* If you want to be with a man who beats women, go right ahead.

Danielle: He never laid a finger on me and I don’t believe he’s ever done such a thing. I’m respecting you enough but you won’t bad mouth my future husband the father of my child

Devyn: I don’t think Joshuaa is trying to look after you Danielle. He’s trying to upend your happiness.

Joshuaa: Well you obviously didn’t read up on our divorce. And says the lonely stripper

Devyn: I’m not lonely honey, I’m very happy and in love

Joshuaa: Take your high and mighty Walmart ass outta here. And we’ve heard, with that hobo off the street? Bless.

Devyn: WalMart ass? This coming from the person who runs the TV1 version of the news. Your D rated production company is what’s WalMart-ish. Hobo? Girl my man has more money and clout than your rebound booty call that got you knocked up.

Joshuaa: You know nothing at all and I love it. I LOVE IT!

Danielle: Maybe we should go, this is getting out of hand.

Devyn: This is what Joshuaa wanted when he came here Dani. He wanted an all out war over a man he never wanted.

Joshuaa: Devil Devyn and her stanky ass. I came for the truth and I got it!

Devyn: Well leave then. Move on with Rebound Rob. Let’s just call it like it is your were single for years for a reason. Your awful disgusting and manipulative personality is exhausting. No wonder Derek cheated.

Joshuaa: Danielle you want to fuck my ex? Go ahead! You want to have his baby? Go ahead! You wanna marry him? GO AHEAD! But I’ll be damned if I believe you knew nothing of our marriage, a woman beater and a deadbeat father. So I wish you blessings, just know there is no friendship no more

Danielle: Okay, I have had enough Joshuaa! Our children are going to be siblings so you can like it or not. I understand you’re hurt but don’t be bitter. *grabs bag* I’m leaving. Good luck with your pregnancy. *walks out*

Joshuaa: So you knew all this time?

Devyn: I suspected he was cheating with her. I knew he was the baby’s father after my first appointment with Danielle.

Joshuaa: *throws glass on the floor* YOU are trash. You knew this whole time and said nothing. I’m beyond livid with you.

Devyn: It really wasn’t my business to tell but when you started trashing me around Twitter I knew that would come for you in ways you couldn’t imagine. So yes I held it until I knew it would hurt the worst.

Joshuaa: Trashing you? Honey, you think you’re all that and worth my time?

Devyn: Yes trashing me. I didn’t stutter. You act as if our friendship was a business transaction so I did the same. CHECKMATE BITCH

Joshuaa: You’re very negative and I feel sorry for you. And that hobo hubby to be! *laughs* Just know I won’t be around much longer to be able to do what I’ve wanted to do to you for a long time. *throws a glass of water in Devyn’s face* Goodbye Devyn

Devyn: *wipes face* Screw you Joshuaa

Just then production intervenes and separates the two ladies as they are shouting at each other and the scene and episode cut to black.

Joshuaa (Voiceover): Tune in next time for the season finale of Ladies of Twitter!



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