Season 6, Episode 5- ‘Ibiza My Heart’

Previously on Ladies of Twitter…Brian introduces his twins as word of Jac’s trip to Ibiza spread. When the ladies departed minus Devyn and Billie with Kylee joining them, all seemed to be fun. But as Jac’s club opening began so did the drama as Brian asked Ava about her investigation and Joshuaa to Tyler about a mystery man. Ava then says she’d hire someone else to do the job prompting Brian to scream.

Ibiza: Jac’s NIghtclub Opening

Brian: OH MY GOD *Screams* YOU HIRED A HIT MAN?!

Ava: What?!!


Joshuaa: Ava girl, come over here for a second *walks Ava over to the bar* Bartender can we get her some water? Ava what is going on girl, are you okay?

Ava: I’m fine, why does everyone keep pulling me aside? All you batches care about is gossip and nobody cares about me.


Tom (Jac’s Husband): *walks past and kisses Jac on the cheek before walking away to party with other VIP’s*

Jac: *begins to tear up*

Brian: What’s wrong Jac? are you okay love?

Kylee: *holding two shots* Jac here, what’s wrong?

Jac: *breathes in heavily* Being here…is a lot. Girls, Tom and I are having issues and I don’t know what to do about it? *starts crying*

Tyler: Oh no, I’m so sorry Jac. *hugs Jac*

Jac: Ever since the car crash, things just haven’t been the same. It feels like we are drifting further and further apart during a time I need him by my side!

Kylee: *drunkenly* We’re all here for you okay, this is your NIGHT! It’s okay to feel like feelings when you’re feeling sad.

Jac: I feel like the spark in our marriage is just gone *sobs whilst dabbing her face with a tissue*

Jac’s phone then buzzes and she receives a text message from Billie reading: Missing you all and hope you’re having a blast without me and Devyn!

Jac: *reads text aloud to Kylee, Tyler, and Brian* Now this is low! She’s the one that declined the invite!

Tyler: Don’t let it get to you honey.

Joshuaa: Because you are acting a damn fool. Why would I pull you aside if I didn’t care about you?

Ava: How would you feel if this were happening to you?*tears up*

Joshuaa: Well I don’t know because you won’t talk to me about it! There’s all sorts of press coming out about it. Like what is happening with you?

Ava: I don’t want to talk about it! Life is hard enough right now. *wipes face*

Joshuaa: Ava girl, this isn’t right. I’m your friend, don’t do this to me.

Ava: *grabs bag* a supportive friend supports me no matter what. Not questions my every move *runs out to a car and leaves the club*

Joshuaa Confessional: Ava is a shell of the woman I knew before. She’s changed and I don’t know what it is chile but somethings shaken that bitch to the core.

Joshuaa: *walks over to the other ladies* Wow. Girls something is up with Ava, like. It’s scary

Tyler: Hello darling! Everything all good?

Jac: *to Brian and Kylee* Let’s leave these two to chat. *walks off onto the dance floor with Brian and Kylee.

Joshuaa: Left. She said I don’t support her and that everyone is a bitch. Somethings happening there and it isn’t good

Tyler: I agree, it’s odd. It’s in nearly every paper these days.

Joshuaa: Yeah…well anyways *pulls out phone* Look how my boy is doing! *shows a photo of Hugo*

Tyler: He’s precious! He’s gotten so big! It’s been a while seen I’ve seen a picture of him

Joshuaa: My lil’ pudding! Girl, I’ll show you a whole bunch! *shows Tyler slides of photos of baby Hugo*

Tyler: He’s so adorable! Emma is about to go to preschool!

Joshuaa: Tyler stop! Where has the time gone. My gosh! She’s beautiful like her mama!

Tyler: It’s insane. And you are sweet! So how are things with the divorce?

Joshuaa: Oh stop with that. I call it the inconvenience. He’s dragging his heels and trying to take all that I have built, but let’s not go there tonight.

Tyler: *laughs* I just worry, that’s all.

Joshuaa: You know what Ty…I miss you *begins to tear up*

Tyler: Oh I miss you too. We’ve had a lot of fun Times together… All these crazy trips so many memories *starts to cry*

Joshuaa Confessional: Okay so you know we drunk when we cry and hold each other and tell each other how pretty we are *laughs*

Joshuaa: Girl, c’mon! Let’s go have fun!

Tyler: *takes a shot and gets up* Let’s do it!

The girls then rejoin Jac, Brian, and Kylee on the dance floor where they all drink and dance. Kylee looks down to discover that she is missing her left shoe causing all the women to burst out laughing. The screen fades out as Kylee takes off his other shoe and twerks as the other women cheer him on.

As the sun rises in Ibiza, we see the women all getting up and dressed as an excited rhythmic beat plays behind the footage. The women then head down to the patio for brunch. They all sit down and discuss their hangovers from the night before.

Joshuaa: Oh My God! I’m so hungover!! Plus Ava is ignoring my messages

Tyler: I haven’t seen her since she left the club either

Joshuaa: She threw a tantrum and just left in a car

Jac: Where did she go? Is she just in her room?

Kylee: Is she the one that killed her husband?

Joshuaa: It’s alleged she had something to do with it. That’s what it’s saying all over the blogs.

Jac: Well she did say some things that are pretty self incriminating…

Brian: I was in SHOCK

Kylee: What’d she tell you Brian?

Brian: Did you all hear the convo I had with her? Oh well…I was just asking her how she is doing and she said that they will be releasing the cause of the death soon. So I asked partially joking if he was hurting her and if she took care of him…like get it? A joke? Then she said something about her never killing him bc she wouldn’t want the blood on her hands and she would hire someone to kill him…

Kylee Confessional: That’s another type of crazy

Tyler: Ladies, sorry to interrupt, but Zack and I have to go to a fabric sampling. I’ll see you all soon *hugs girls and leaves*

Joshuaa: I mean… oh? Okay Tyler! *watches Tyler leave* What’s that about? Why did he leave so abruptly


Joshuaa Confessional: LAWD WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS GROUP? Are we all on a constant period? Are we all drunk? What is happening

Jac: What’s going on with you two Brian?

Brian: WHO? me and Tyler!? I’m still just done with him. I told you all. He is close with me when it’s good for him.

Joshuaa: That’s the problem I had with him…and I told you that Brian

Brian: Exactly, I was wrong and should have listened, and you know what I’ve been thinking and thinking on this… he will not be seeing the twins. I don’t want him using my babies

Brian Confessional: I’ll say it loud and clear…Tyler uses me and probably wants to use my twins for selling stories.

Brian: *shrugs* Anyways, Joshuaa, are you two good now?

Joshuaa: I mean we had a moment last night. I’m open to being friends, just not close friends. Tyler burnt a lot of bridges and he knows that. We’ve all had our issues but look at us. Drunken fools wiht weird sticky shit on our faces. Our mothers would be proud *laughs*

Brian: Girls…can we please just make sure we don’t tell Tyler about what i said about him and the twins? I’ve learned who the true Tyler is….and I want to be the one to tell him, I know now.


We hear ominous music as we see a blacked out SUV pull up to the Departures section of the Twitter International Airport. We then see Billie and Devyn climb out of the backseat and head into the airport.

Billie Confessional: Billie is taking over Ibiza: Ladies of Twitter addition. They thought I would chicken out and not come, they’re in for a treat when I get there. It’s my birthday and I decided to treat myself to a nice little getaway. I’m glad Devyn has came together, and I’m glad she’s coming along with me.

Devyn: You ready for this B?

Billie: I’m really not…but I have a separate plane ready for us to get on. *walks out to private plane with Devyn*

Devyn: I’m not looking forward to it either if I’m honest but I have Joshua, Ava and a new friend in you. *takes a glass of wine from the flight attendant* We have to do something special for your birthday. It’s time for Stella to get her groove back.

Billie: Yes we gotta get you some Ibiza dick girl! I want you to have some fun and let loose and leave your financial issues back at home. Speaking of you and Joshuaa…how are things between you two?

Devyn: We’re good. I’m closer to Ava but Joshuaa is still a good friend. What about you and Jac?

Devyn Confessional: I’m actually taken. I can’t wait to be able to tell everyone. I’m so in love and I wish I could shout it from the roof top.

Billie: *waves for flight attendant* I need a shot of tequila can you get one for Devyn too. I need one to talk about Jac. *takes shot* Jac and I were good. We had an intervention with Joshuaa Tyler and I, and it went well. I just am confused with how Jac works with her friendships. Like how she conveniently is friends with Joshuaa the second I leave the show.

Devyn: I’ve noticed how close they are, just didn’t know they were friends. Joshuaa’s never really mentioned her prior to lately.

Billie: Really? That’s weird. I think he’s doing it to piss Tyler off. Which would make sense. Tyler and him weren’t good last year.

Devyn: If you ask me Joshuaa is just Jac’s meal ticket back onto the show. And the beef with you is the help a storyline.

Billie: Exactly. I’m glad you notice it. Like Joshuaa and I had a genuine friendship for 13 years prior to this show. It’s sad we have let our feelings and comments get in the way of a long friendship. I’m done with the negativity. After my husband’s infidelity last year I don’t have time for take and phony Bitches

Devyn: I totally understand that. How are you healing emotionally from that?

Billie: Harry and I are still going to counseling. It just sucks his mistress took to the blogs to talk about their year affair. But don’t get it twisted Harry and I stay at two separate houses

Devyn: I understand that. You have to put yourself first. Even if that means moving on. Let’s try and get some z’s so we can hit the ground running. I have you back sister. *hugs Billie*

As the two women turn off the lights above their seats and begin to sleep the screen fades out as the episode ends.



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