Season 7, Episode 18: ‘Reunion Part One’

As the episode begins, we see the Ladies of Twitter walking into the studio separately to begin getting ready for the season seven reunion. We see shots of all the ladies in their dressing rooms trying to relax as Andy comes in to chat with each of them. Just then the scene shifts to the set and we see Andy taking his seat as the other women begin heading to the set. As the women all take their seats, we hear the cameraman begin counting down THREE…TWO…ONE…

Andy: Hello Im Andy Cohen and I am joined by the always fabulous and fierce Ladies of Twitter. After a fierce and fiery season, we finally have the ladies in one room for the first time in months! Hey Leah, ready for your first reunion?

Leah: Hi Andy, I’m so ready!

Andy: Hi Tyler! 7th reunion, you look great!

Tyler: Thanks Andy, you’re looking dapper yourself.

Andy: Billie Reed! You’re looking fabulous!

Billie: Daddy, you know I always come to slay and not play. *winks*

Andy: *laughs* Okay, okay. Hello Jacqueline!

Jac: Hi Andrew!

Andy: The Doctor is in the building, hello Doctor Devyn!

Devyn: Hey Andy, you’re looking scrumptious as usual.

Andy: Brian, your first time sitting next to me! Are you ready?

Brian: Hello Andy! I’m just happy to be here! I’m sure the pope is watching us all so I’m sure we will be on best behaviors!

Andy: Last, but not least, Tre! The Spice that makes the drink. *laughs* Welcome back to the show!

Tre: Thank you, Andy, great to be here!

Andy: So let’s dive right in Ladies. This season saw makeups and breakups of epic proportions, but perhaps the biggest shift was between cousins Tyler and Brian, let’s watch. *footage plays of Brian and Tyler last season arguing followed by footage of them during the season being close and standing up for one another* Wow, what a difference a year makes. Brian and Tyler, what do you attribute this to? Do you enjoy being close once again?

Tyler: I don’t attribute this to anything. What you’re seeing this season is us to me. Brian is a sister to me, always and forever

Brian: One person…Glamma Sophia *laughs*

Andy: That’s great, you both seem to have gotten over last season’s antics.

Brian: It’s true! We have a bond that is UNBREAKABLE!

Tyler: AMEN! Preach it now!

Andy: To everyone else, what do you think of this strong relationship between Brian and Tyler?

Leah: I heard about what happened last year and it seems like a huge 180. Family fighting is no good

Devyn: I’m happy for them. Family is important and having each other’s backs is needed in this group.

Jac: I’m really happy for them. As we saw last year, I was in the middle between the pair of them. So I’m pleased they’ve made up. I do think Tyler is a saint though *laughs*

Tre: I think it’s odd…

Tyler: You would Tre, Because nothing in your life is every easy or normal like a true relationship

Brian: *points finger at Tre* You SHUT UP over there, you know nothing!

Tre: Put your finger down Brian!

Brian: Tre, I feel sorry for you! No consistency in your life, it’s sad.

Andy: This season, we saw your “Glamma” several times, Molly from Long Island writes to ask, “Seeing your Glamma this season, there is so much shade between you two and your grandmother. Does it bother her or is she where you learned it from?”

Tyler: *laughs* We definitely learn it from her, Andy

Billie: I love Glamma, she is an icon!

Andy: Well it’s great to see family back together after such uncertain times!

Andy: And we are back. Coming into this season, Devyn and Billie were the sisters from another mister. But could distance and tabloid put that all into play? Let’s look. *footage plays of Tre talking to Devyn and Billie about the tabloid, followed by scenes of Billie upset by it and Devyn arguing with Tre* Lots to get into here, let’s start with you, Tre. What made you decide to share what you saw in the tabloid with Billie then and do you regret it?

Tre: I felt Billie should know and I don’t regret it at all! He was gonna learn about it anyway so I was just being a friend because at the time I genuinely cared.

Billie: Tre, I appreciate you saying that to me. It was bound to come out, so you’re right.

Devyn: *rolls eyes* Tre wanted to be messy, per usual, but it’s fine.

Jac: I personally feel so bad for Devyn. I don’t know how I would feel if my best friend accused of me selling stories for monetary purposes at their expense

Leah: Facts. Did you make money from this story, Devyn?

Devyn: No Leah, I didn’t. That was hurtful!

Andy: The tabloids picked this up a lot, yet it seemed like someone was lying. Billie, what do you have to say?

Billie: This is what I have to say. My marriage isn’t in a great place, and with that said I did not want to discuss my problems in my marriage on tv, so when the article dropped it just created more issues, to the point where my husband actually put his hands on me, and the police were called.

Andy: Devyn, you were quite vocal in saying that you were misrepresented in the tabloid and that Tre was trying to tear you apart. Do you stand by the fact that you were misrepresented?

Devyn: I said what was reported but the full context of what I said was not there. Additionally, I never mentioned Billie by name. Tre assumed it was about Billie and ran with it.

Andy: Why did you think that this was Tre’s way of driving a wedge between you and Billie?

Tre: That’s what I want to know Andy. Please explain Devyn. I’ve been waiting to hear this.

Devyn: Tre wanted Billie for himself. That’s it.

Billie: Well we three all hung out, celebrated New Years together so I would hope Tre would not try to drive a wedge between us

Devyn: Tre, was trying to find something in his life he could control and hold on too. Which is why he tried to latch onto Billie.

Tre: Billie is not a fucking prize to me!

Billie: Tre, I am fucking trophy, maybe not a prize. You’re an alias in Twitter!

Andy: Billie, you seemed quite upset when the tabloid was brought to your attention, however, when it was brought up in the group setting or you just saw Devyn, you seemed to just want to hug her and move on. Why didn’t you seem to want to address the issue at the time?

Billie: Because I realized my time on this show. You have to repair friendships in silence, so I wanted to talk to Devyn outside of the group. One-on-one.

Tyler: I have a question *raises hand* If you weren’t referring to Billie then who?

Devyn: Which we did. To answer Tyler, I was talking about Billie but I never said his name. And furthermore, if your best friend was being abused and you were afraid for their life, talking to them isn’t helping… I panicked.

Andy: Tyler, you were quite vocal with Billie about the tabloid and saying that you felt he needed to address it. Why did you put yourself into the situation trying to get Billie to share his feeling publicly?

Tyler: Okay now to answer you Andy, because it was bullshit. Billie cried to Tre and I outside the club in New York and to Leah and I at the art gallery. He was so hurt by it. So then for us to be back in Twitter and they’re just hugging and kissing and acting like the best friends? It was bullshit.

Jac: Andy, can we move on? I don’t feel comfortable talking about a man’s reputation when he isn’t here when the truth isn’t being spoken

Billie: For once I agree with Jac. Can we move on?

Devyn: Billie, is there something you feel about this that you haven’t shared with me? Aside from thinking I’m selling stories?

Billie: We will talk later.

Andy: We’re going to move on Ladies.

Andy: Now we’re back and joined by the self-proclaimed Italian Queen, Kylee Valenderia-Everett. Great to see you Kylee, love the dress!

Kylee: Ready to play dolls? *laughs*

Andy: Let’s dive back in. This season saw the return of old face ready to give Twitter a little more Spice. But did her time away from Twitter reveal a new, peaceful Tre or would Tre be coming back ready for battle? Take a look. *footage plays of Tre returning to the group and having issues with most of the women throughout the course of the season* We’ll be getting more into some of the things you said throughout the season later on, but what has it been like returning this group?

Tre: Well, it’s been different I would say. I learned that your enemies are truly your friends and that your friends are your enemies.

Kylee: That’s right Tre!

Andy: How has this season been different than your first Tre and have the ladies been kind in welcoming you to the circle?

Tre: Oh shit. *laughs* My first season I was a COMPLETE bitch and I’ll own that. This season, I can honestly say that I was not in the write headspace due to things that happened in my life. I was kinda irrational. And, I will say at the beginning most of them were nice.

Andy: Okay now to the ladies, what did you think of Tre’s return to the group then and how do you feel about it now?

Brian: I WAS excited…I knew her before this season, we go way back.

Jac: She was a lot.

Tyler: I was excited to hopefully get to know Tre this time around as I was the only person on the show last time he was here. Since then, I’ve seen

Devyn: A dumpster fire now that I was first open to a friendship with.

Andy: One final thing, Tre, that you mentioned this season was your struggles to find your brother. Any updates on that front?

Tre: After filming, I went to LA to spend time with my family and he was there and everything kinda seemed normal again. I just feel that people in his life were bad influences on him, but I’m happy to say he’s good and everything is fine. *looks at Brian* Can I ask you something?

Brian: Yes Tre…

Tre: You’ve had issues with your sister in the past so how did you cope with that?

Brian: Therapy and leaning on my girlfriends.

Tyler: Can people on this show please stop talking about my family members that aren’t on television?

Jac: That’s a fair question, they’ve both had issues with their siblings. Don’t get on television if you don’t want it discussed Tyler.

Tyler: They aren’t on television. They don’t sign up for this. I and MY FAMILY do!

Tre: That was a genuine question, I meant no ill will.

Jac: No one’s family Is off limits Tyler *raises voice* as your friend *points at Billie* knows.

Billie: Don’t even look at me or point at me.

Jac: I’ll look, point, or slap you. You know well I am capable of it bitch.

Kylee: Tone it Tyler. Don’t know why you’re so hot with me but tone it.

Tyler: *laughs* Kylee literally didn’t say a thing to you.

Andy: Okay ladies, I want to move on. Shauna is not a part of this show and we aren’t going to resolve this.

Andy: And we’re back! Through the years, we have seen Kylee in many different forms, from her fights in season 3 to her light-hearted fun last season. This season, Kylee fought hard, both literally and figuratively, to defend her name and her reputation. Let’s watch. *footage plays of Kylee and Brian disagreeing before then showing their altercations with Kylee in Brian’s face and throwing a glass of champagne while Brian spritzed her with his cider* Wow, certainly a fight of epic proportions. Kylee, let’s start with you, did this really all start out as being about a birthday party?

Kylee: Yeah I mean look Brian’s admitted that he was wrong so I don’t hold a grudge anymore but it was the combination of “You’re possessed by Ava” “devil bitch” and the sprinkling so I doused her in champagne because I was fucking over it.

Jac: I think now that we’ve all seen the footage, Brian you owe Kylee and the rest of us an apology

Kylee: He has, Jac.

Brian: None Jac, thank you. Bye.

Andy: Brian, why didn’t you just say you were sorry that her feelings were hurt? Don’t you think that would have squashed it all? Do either of you regret anything about or towards the other?

Brian: I mean we were both wrong… we have moved on. Listen, all you ladies need to chill. Yes, I’m sorry I hurt her feelings, but we are not close. Why would I invite her?

Kylee: Oh yeah I 1000% regret the way I treated him and I totally apologized for my off-color comments. Wait, we were friends last season?

Brian: Friendly darling, friendly.

Kylee: I mean I don’t know I invite everybody I’m friends with to my parties maybe that’s just me.

Billie: We all know Brian’s definition of friends vs ours is different *laughs*

Brian: I try to stick with low drama. I don’t need things breaking. No fights, no hustling, none of it.

Kylee: Do you think I would’ve come in and just caused a fight at your birthday Brian? Because that’s what you’re implying.

Billie: Well in all honesty, Kylee, you do have a reputation of making a scene.

Kylee: As do you Billie

Brian: Yes. Yes! One hundred percent. You are a Chihuahua looking for a bone.

Kylee: Bark Bark!

Andy: Okay ladies, we are going to move on. Aside from Brian, Kylee wasn’t done yet as Tre was ready with a bomb to drop. Take a look. *footage plays of Tre giving Brian documents that Kylee committed fraud, followed by Brian telling Kylee, and the ensuing fights between Tre and Kylee* Okay, Tre, we’re going to start with you. Mindy from El Paso writes “Tre, fraud is a HUGE accusation to levy on someone. Do you realize Kylee could’ve been charged with that crime?” So I have to ask, Tre, what were you thinking when you said this?

Kylee: Yes, PLEASE answer that.

Tre: First off, I want to apologize again to Kylee. I understand Fraud is a huge accusation, but what would I need to lie about that because it would make me look like an ass? Now, I heard you paid it off and everything and good for you.
*claps* But also I don’t think the FEDs have any reason to lie either.

Kylee: Tre really? You’re still keeping this going?

Jac: Tre, it wasn’t the truth. I don’t know who provided you with that information, but it’s not the truth


Andy: Kylee, you’ve obviously vehemently denied the accusation. Has anything negative happened in your life as a result of these allegations?

Kylee: Oh yeah, my husband lost business partners, I was uninvited and asked to leave charity events, it was awkward there for a minute. But I’m good now after Tre apologized in Hawaii we squashed it, obviously, she thinks I still did that, but the hate for me died down and I’ve been able to clean up my name and my husbands.

Tre: So do you really want me to tell you who told me? I’ll apologize once again to Kylee, but Kylee, you might wanna look around and see who you currently have issues with because that’s who told me. And that’s all I have to say about the matter…

Kylee: No no no, Tre WHO?

Tyler: You can believe you’ll get a bullshit answer from Tre Spice

Andy: Who said it Tre?

Tre: Billie Reed…let me explain, when Billie and I were friends, there were multiple things said about all the women.

Jac: *stands up* Andy I’m going to fuck him up

Billie: Why would I say that?

Kylee: *gets up and pushes Jac back down to her seat* Nope, not today Jac *sits back down* To get me fired obviously Billie! You keep alluding to it all over Twitter.

Tre: When you weren’t cool with this women, you told me things Billie.

Jac: FUCKING TRASH! *looks at Tyler* That’s who you’re defending these days.

Tyler: When have I defended Billie? Are you serious?

Jac: Yes, I’m serious. Stand for something Tyler.

Tyler: Sitting next to that bitch *points at Tre* is really rubbing off on you honey

Andy: Billie? What do you have to say about this?

Billie: That it’s false. These ladies just sat here and said she’ll lie to save her ass but because it’s Billie they all believe it.

Devyn: Are y’all really letting Tre pass the blame?

Tyler: I just think the fraud is wrong, regardless of who did it.

Jac: And Billie's stellar reputation is believable *rolls eyes* come on Devyn. Hell he even accused you of selling stories about him

Devyn: I guess you have a point there Jac. I still haven’t gotten an apology for that baseless accusation.

Andy: Okay Tre explain all this…

Tre: Okay so remember when Billie had issues with all the ladies? Right, okay so Billie and I would talk and I would try to help him make things right. He said Kylee was a drunken fraud, he said he wanted to take Jacqueline down because she’s a fraudulent Grade A whore who uses men for money.

Billie: This is bullshit, I can’t even sit here and listen to this.

Kylee: *tearing up* I WANNA SAY SOMETHING AS THIS ALL STARTED WITH ME. Billie and I have a past, *sniffles* and we didn’t like each other. I don’t want to believe this is true as when Tre’s saying this happened me & Billie were friends. Now we’re not, so I don’t know if Tre’s being honest because me & Billie were friends at the time. But given how quickly and pettily she switched on me towards the end of the season, *sniffles* I would NOT be surprised if she was planning this all season and used Tre to do it. She’s all over Twitter saying how if I mess with her I get fired so? Why wouldn’t she try and use this to get me fired?

Andy: Okay ladies, we’ve really exhausted this, let’s move on.

Andy: Last season, Jac was honored to be chosen as the Godmother to Brian’s twins. But this season, an awkward dinner led to Brian stripping Jac of the title, shocking everyone. Let’s take a look. *footage plays of Brian leaving dinner with Tyler and Jac followed by him telling Tyler what he had done, footage then plays of Jac being told by Brian and breaking down followed by Jac and Brian’s arguments* Wow, last season you ladies seemed to become the best of friends. Brian, what went through your head in taking the title away from Jac? Do you regret it now looking back?

Brian: Andy….I have cried and cried. I just want to go back in time. I’m very hot-headed and I don’t think things through all the time. I didn’t want to tell her.

Andy: Jac, this gets you so emotional. You were obviously devastated to discover the news, for a long time you chose not to speak to Brian or speaking to him only to tell him you weren’t, would you care to explain why you did that?

Billie: Oh save me from this sob story.

Brian: Seriously? This is my family!

Billie: I’m saying Jac’s fake crying is ridiculous. Don’t treat Brian like shit then wonder why he cut you off. He had to protect his family first.

Jac: It really does. Umm, they are like family to me *points to Brian and Tyler* so to feel like I had that torn away from me is soul crushing

Andy: Brian and Jac, you didn’t seem capable of putting the friendship back on track despite repeated attempts, what do you attribute that to?

Jac: I felt like Brian took something so small. A discussion where he thought I wasn’t defending him, mind you, you see I defend him and chastise Kylee for her behavior. And then he ran with it so I needed a moment to digest it all. I think at the moment, there were way too many emotions and a lot of outside forces watching from the sidelines with glee

Brian: I agree. When we have such a small close circle everyone gets involved

Devyn: This whole thing was heartbreaking to watch unfold. In person and again when it aired.

Andy: Tyler, you were frequently found saying you wanted Jac and Brian to reconcile their friendship to what it once was. Why were you so strong in that conviction? And on the flip side, Brian and Jac, did Tyler’s pushing bother you?

Tyler: I still want them to be friends *shrugs* I know shit happens, but I loved them as friends and I know they loved one another. Those are two of the people I’m closest to in this world so seeing that wasn’t something I enjoyed

Jac: I knew it came from a place of love. It was annoying at times *laughs whilst dabbing tears* but I know his heart. He only wants good.

Brian: It won’t happen Ty. Thank you for trying though, my love. I think I’m over it. I think she’s over it.

Tyler: Brian, I still believe

Jac: You shouldn’t speak for me, Brian.

Andy: Polly from Orlando asks — Brian, do you really see yourself as friends with Jac?

Brian: Not anymore. Not after what she did to me. Embarrassed me. Humiliated me.

Jac: How the fuck did I embarrass you? You crazy bitch!

Brian: Are you fucking kidding me? After how you ABANDONED MY BABIES!?

Andy: Trevor from Phoneix asks — Jac, looking back and seeing how much you have said you have grown up this season, do you really think you have? I don’t!

Billie: I’m with Trevor from Arizona, she hasn’t.

Jac: I feel like the old Jac would’ve snapped Brian’s neck

Tre: Jac has grown a lot from slapping bitches to owning them.

Brian: Come for me bitch. Break my neck and I will break your jaw.

Leah: Stop it you guys!

Jac: This season I disengaged when I found myself in uncomfortable situations. I walked away. I didn’t allow people to bring me down. I made a concerted effort to change. Unlike people who claim to be in therapy yet only show up when there are cameras

Brian: You left me at the altar like a fucking groom with a runaway bride! Do you think you are Julia fucking Roberts?

Andy: It really is a shame to see a friendship break up. Brian and Jac, where do you see your friendship going from here? Is there any hope?

Jac: I have hope. I think it’s going to need to come from me though. Despite being 50 Brian acts 15. So I think it’ll fall on me to repair our relationship.

Brian: Let’s call a spade a spade? We all know how much I LOVE Tyler… I asked Jac not him. That speaks volumes.

Jac: *stands up with arms open wide* Brian?

The two then awkwardly hug each other as the other ladies sit watching.

Brian: I have no words…I’m just not feeling it.

Andy: And on that note, let’s take a break for lunch ladies…

The director then shouts that the ladies are free to get up for and leave the set for lunch.

Brian: Jac, I’m sorry but I still need an apology.

Leah: Phew, you bitches are crazy! *begins calling Apollo* Babe. We’re not even half done and it’s already been a fight, tears, a makeup, and a revelation. I am spent

Jac: *walks off the set towards her dressing room* I’m fucking over this shit with these bitches


The dramatic season seven reunion concludes with topics ranging from Leah’s entrance to the shocking allegations that rocked the end of the season.

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