Season 8, Episode 10: ‘You Did Me Wrong!’

Ladies of Twitter
15 min readAug 5, 2019


Previously on Ladies of Twitter…Brian’s trip to Kentucky took its main focus as the women went to the Derby for Brian’s first show taping. However, as news of Brian’s rumored divorce hit the press, the taping was put into jeopardy as Tanya showed Brian the article during a commercial break. Once back in front of the cameras, Brian fainted causing panic and arguments amongst the women like never before.

As the episode begins, we see the Ladies in their rooms getting ready for their final dinner in Kentucky, without Brian who went home early following the tabloid articles. We see the women getting into cars one by one as they head towards a country-western themed restaurant. Sophie and Tyler arrive first and take their seats.

Sophie Confessional: Yesterday was a fucking shit show. Brian has gone and went back to Twitter, so who knows where the group goes from here. I feel this was a way to get back and hurt Brian.

Tyler: Hi Sophie, gorgeous dress!

Sophie: Hello! You look very…nice yourself.

Tyler: Thanks, I’m beat, I just feel like curling up to sleep. *laughs*

Nick: *walks in* Good evening ladies! Sophie, you look adorable!

Sophie: Good evening. Thank you, sweet Nick. I thought I looked a hot mess, but I’m glad other people think I look beautiful.

Nick: Ohh Sophie! It’s a rare gift to strip vanity of its charm, but here you are *winking* and Tyler, that’s a cute dress for Coachella!

Tyler: Like I said, I just threw something on.

Leah: *walks in flustered because I’m late* Hey beautiful ones…well, some. Sorry, I’m running late. How is everyone?

Leah Confessional: Well this trip has certainly been one for the books! I mean Brian fainted on television and has “mysteriously” gone home. Like what is happening?!? The news is officially out and I can’t help but feel bad for him

Nick: Tyler, you do look comfortable! I wish I could pull off the boho messy look, but this old gal needs full glam all the time.

Sophie: Just waiting on sweet Tanya now, she’s probably still getting ready.

Tyler: Gorgeous Leah! You look amazing!

Leah: Thanks Ty, how is everyone?

Tyler: I’m good, just exhausted, it’s been quite a trip.

Sophie: That was ruined because some people were in their feelings… *stares at Leah*

Leah: *ignores Sophie and orders wine* Yes can I get a red wine. Also, just bring the bottle in case I end up throwing what’s in my glass. Thanks!

Nick: *looks at Leah* WELL Hello boobs!

Nick Confessional: I don’t know why Leah has to have her tits out all the time. I thought we were going to eat Kentucky Fried chicken, not Kentucky fried titties

Leah: Hi Nick honey! *looks you up and down* That glam squad still can’t get it right huh? That’s ok love, one day at a time

Sophie: Someone is jealous of the latest fashion statements…

Tyler: We can’t get through appetizers at least girls?

Tanya: *runs in and takes a seat beside of Leah* Hey ladies! Sorry, I’m late, I was getting all glammed up!

Nick: I was being perfectly nice Tyler, 4 nose jobs just had to start.

Tanya: So what are you ladies talking about?

Tyler: They were going back and forth or something shading each other

Leah: I don’t know, something about nose jobs and bad style. So has anyone heard from Brian since he made that quick exit?

Tanya: Well I’m the last person he probably wants to talk with

Nick: See what we’re not going to do, is pretend any of you give 1 single fuck about Brian.

Tyler: I mean deservedly so, no offense Tanya, he just wants privacy and peace in this situation. And you provided anything but…

Tanya: Why am I the bad guy now? I was helping him out and giving him the information.

Tyler: It just wasn’t the right time…or locale…or anything really.

Sophie: Tanya, you know I love you, but it seemed like a fucking set-up.

Tanya: I don’t even know Brian well enough to set him up! Well anyway, ladies… I feel bad for Brian and I can’t judge his situation

Tyler: Are you sorry you did it then? Do you understand where we are coming from?

Tyler Confessional: You know I had to ask it and get to the bottom of all this. This is about my cousin after all…

Tanya: Sorry for what?? I didn’t do anything wrong.

Tyler: Your timing and delivery 100% were wrong. Some days, you’re the bitch, I’ve been on that end too, but you gotta fess up

Sophie: Tanya, we’ve discussed issues like this in the past. Your intentions may have been pure, but the way you went about it was all wrong.

Tanya: That’s your opinion ladies! And I respect your opinion but I can disagree with it if I want to.

Sophie Confessional: Talking to Tanya sometimes is like talking to a brick wall. We made a pact that these women wouldn’t get between us, but I feel she’s influenced by Leah. She’s sitting there all quiet.

Nick: What is with this pretend amnesia! You can’t be that dense! It’s not an opinion! *slamming my fists on the table* It’s a fact!

Tyler: Well when Brian Social skins you and wears you like next year’s Versace, you’ll get it

Tanya: Nick, don’t you fucking yell at me!


Tanya: I’m being very calm nick, so please don’t get in my face about it. I’m not gonna own it because I did NOTHING wrong. And on that note, I’m leaving because I’m not gonna sit here and be ganged up on! *stands up*

Nick: *looking at Sophie* I can’t with this one. She’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

Tyler: Tanya stay. I’m just telling you how I felt on something. If you can’t handle disagreeing opinions, I don’t know what to say, I’m not a yes woman

Tanya: *sits back down* Ty & Sophie, I am fine with your opinions and you’re being respectful about it. Nick, on the other hand, is going CRAZY!

Nick: Tanya, maybe when you have a real friend you will understand why I’m livid with you!

Nick Confessional: If you cant stand the heat, don’t come for Brian Social. Not around me at least.

Sophie: No, Tanya, don’t leave. You are being ganged up on because someone isn’t owning their truth in this and allowing you to be ganged up on. That one! *points to Leah* Are you gonna own your part and this, or are you gonna be a bad friend, like you are, and sit back and let this happen?

Leah: What part is that Sophie dear?

Sophie: You’re over here letting Tanya get all the heat when you were apart of it. Do you not remember what you did with Tanya?

Leah: I actually don’t, what did I do with Tanya?

Tanya: Leah didn’t have anything to do with it. It was all me…

Sophie: Oh now she’s fucking dumb now! *says in dramatics* Oh my God, it’s about to come out Tanya. Brian is gonna be devastated!

Leah: If I recall correctly, Nick, Tanya and I met. Tanya brought the news to us and Nick suggested we don’t say anything to Brian. I respected that. Tanya, a grown-ass woman MIND YOU, Made a choice to tell Brian. So If that makes me “fuckin dumb” so be it… I like Tanya a lot but she made a choice so her taking responsibility is all that matters.

Sophie: And as a GROWN ASS WOMAN, why didn’t you fucking open your mouth and tell her to stop. You aren’t Brian’s fucking friend! You’re pissed off with her for whatever reason, and you’ve used Tanya as the bait to hurt Brian.

Leah: Further, this is about Brian so the only person who should really have an issue with this is Brian. Tanya doesn’t owe you or Nick anything to be quite honest.

Sophie: And she has an issue with you because you’re just fake. You aren’t a friend. You just use people to get what you want because you’re selfish, plain and simple. I see through you. *sighs* Take her to her brothers and sisters in the stable as Brian said.

Leah: Yes, please, somebody take me.

Tyler: Anyone who has to insult someone based on looks doesn’t have the brains to argue

Leah: Well she did say I’m fucking dumb and selfish so I guess there’s a brain in there *laughs*

Sophie: Oh Tyler, close your lips

Tyler: I’m cool with everyone. And I will continue flapping them as I see fit darling.

Tanya Confessional: This shit is another mess! I’m tired of it, this trip has been a DISASTER! Get me back to Twitter, please.

Just then, some gentlemen come over from another table and ask the ladies to be their partners in a line dance and the women all agree to join in, where we finally see the women laugh and enjoy something on their trip. The scene then shifts and we see the women packing and heading to the airport, getting on flights back to Twitter before the scene fades as the plane takes off from Kentucky.

The scene then shifts as we see the women going about their day to day lives in Twitter, handling all of their business and trying to get back into their daily routines. Just then, we see Brian getting out of the back of an SUV at a bistro near his offices. He takes a seat and settles in as he requests that the waiter add a third chair to the two-seat table.

Brian Confessional: I had a rough week. What isn’t helping with all of my shit is Tyler and Nick. So I invited them to get some food, but they just don’t realize it’s not just me and them.

Nick: Brian, my love!! How are you hunty?

Brian: Hi babe! *waiter arrives and places the third seat on the end of the table*

Nick: Oh…well who is sitting there?

Tyler: *walks in and over to the table* Hi Bri love…oh hello, Nick, nice to see you as well.

Brian: *giggles* My ladies!

Tyler: This is certainly a surprise Bri. *nervous laugh*

Nick: *chokes on water* Well I wasn’t expecting another person either…

Tyler Confessional: This is like the nightmare I had the other night, I swear to God

Brian: So ladies…how was the rest of the trip?

Nick: Well it wasn’t good.

Tyler: It was interesting. We had dinner, lots of words exchanged as always happens. Nick and I were on the same page though. *laughs*

Brian: What do you mean? You can’t just say that. What happened? Fill me in.

Tyler: Well, I asked Tanya if she felt bad. She said no. Nick and I said that was wrong.

Nick: And then I went awfff!

Brian: WOW! Which one of you slapped her? *laughs*

Tyler: I said you’d skin her like next year’s Versace.

Nick: I got a little bit jersey on her, probably embarrassed myself a little bit.

Brian: Oh my god. Well good. Listen…Tanya needs to learn her place at the dinner table. She sits at the kids table. Not with the adults. She can take a seat. And let me guess…Leah agreed with her?

Tyler: No, Leah stayed out it. Sophie tried to say she was a part of it though which I don’t see

Nick: You know Juggs is a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

Tyler: Who’s Juggs?

Nick: Leah!

Tyler: Oh, that’s not nice…I don’t think Leah has done anything wrong. What has she done?

Nick: Ty, her tits are bigger than her head!

Brian: Better that then saying her brothers and sisters are all horses.

Tyler Oh Sophie said that again the other night…truly lovely individual. I’m sorry, that’s terrible, I don’t know what to say *shrugs*

Brian: Ty, it’s a joke. After everything that Leah has done to me?

Tyler: What has she done though? I don’t understand it

Brian: Tyler…on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being amazing, how is our relationship currently?

Tyler: Ours? I mean honestly probably like a 5 or 6 maybe. That is sad to me though. Are you saying that is her fault?

Brian: I agree I would have said much lower. But you know why it’s that low? Leah is a wedge.

Tyler: Why do you think that though? Leah and I have just become close lately, I don’t see why that has to hinder us. I WANNA LOVE YOU BOTH!

Brian Confessional: Leah is like a snake. She fits in wiggling around and then becomes a wedge

Brian: She has several issues with me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the one going to the press over my marriage. Lies. Someone is putting lies in these magazines

Tyler: Bri, stop, please don’t say that.

Nick: Tyler, blood is thicker than water.

Brian: Whatever Tyler. What number are you and Leah at?

Tyler: Probably like a nine or something, I don’t know, we have a lot in common and our husbands and kids enjoy each other’s company too so it’s just easy. That isn’t a reflection on our relationship though, Bri.

Brian: A NINE?! *rolls eyes* wow. Whatever. Anyway, the reason why I brought you both here…I want to get you two closer.

Nick: Well…I guess if Tyler wants to move forward we can.

Tyler: I’ve always wanted to move forward! I literally said that to you when we sat down one on one *laughs*

Nick Confessional: Brian Social you are one sly bitch. But if it makes Brian happy, I’ll do it.

Brian: See Ty, that was easy!

Tyler: So you said lies Bri…so you’re saying that the magazine article was a lie?

Brian: Correct. I’M happy and I’m married Tyler. Just leave it at that.

Tyler: Perfect! I wanna say something else on an earlier topic though really quick. Bri, you and Leah were friends, I really think you should sit down and talk everything out

Brian: *laughs* NOPE! Well, I’ll consider it if she’s done being a stuck up bitch.

Tyler: Well I don’t think she’s being a stuck up bitch so you’re golden. I want us all to get back where we once were!

Brian: Okay, sounds like a plan Ty…GET OVER HERE LADIES! My number 3 *looks at Tyler* and number 10! *looks at Nick* Let’s hug it out!

As the ladies hug one another, the scene shifts across town, and we see Tanya’s home where she is preparing for Leah and Sophie to come over for a sitdown. She is making coffee and tea as she tidies up before the women arrive.

Tanya Confessional: I invited Sophie & Leah to have coffee and tea so we could all sit down and hopefully they’ll be able to move past their bullshit once and for all. They’re both my really good friends and I’m just so tired of them having drama

Leah: *rings the doorbell* OPEN UP GIRL! *laughs*

Tanya: *hugs Leah* Hey bitch, come on in babe!

Leah Confessional: Sweet Tanya invited Sophie and I for a little come to Jesus. To be honest it’s looooong overdue. We’ve been fighting about what? Who knows…. I’m not going crazy. We can just agree to be cordial and have a good time. Friends? Most likely not

Leah: How are you boo?

Tanya: I’m good! How’re you? Glad that you decided to come!

Leah: Of course honey! *sits down on the sofa*

Sophie: *arrives and rings the doorbell* Tanya, hurry! I’ve got muffins!

Tanya: Oh, that must be Sophie! *runs to the door and opens it* hey, Soph!! And you brought muffins?! Did you make these or did you buy em? *laughs* Actually, who gives a fuck! They smell DELICIOUS! Come on in, Soph!

Sophie: *walks in* One of the cooks made this for us! Hello Leah…

Leah: Hi Sophie, what a party!

Tanya: So come sit down and let’s all have a little chat, shall we? I have coffee, tea, & water. No alcohol today because I didn’t want things getting out of hand. Well anyway ladies, I invited you both here so you both could hopefully move past your issues. So Sophie, in your opinion what started your issues with Leah?

Tanya Confessional: I’m a hair stylist and we’re basically like therapists to our clients. We sit and listen to people’s problems ALL DAY. So being the mediator in this situation isn’t that different

Sophie: *sips coffee* Our issue started when I first met her. I assume she was pissed because I invited you to her party, but I apologized and moved on. Then, she calls me a felon and makes a scene when I did nothing to her. I think she’s jealous of me or threatened by me.

Sophie Confessional: Mrs. Leah D’Vanzo wanted the Bitch, and she got The Bitch. Maybe she can learn that if you poke at me, you get it back.

Tanya: Okay Sophie, thank you for sharing. Now Leah, care to respond?

Leah: Well I’m definitely not threatened by you not jealous. *laughs* That’s not even why I think we haven’t gotten along. I think you took my response when you, a plus one, showed up and then brought an additional plus one. My shade wasn’t even towards you but I can see how you interpreted it as that. As far as calling you a felon, I apologize. I don’t know your legal troubles I spoke to what I read in the press so I do apologize.

Sophie: Well, since you did start with me first about the felon and everything, I would like to apologize to you because, at certain times, I did poke at you just to get a reaction out of you. It was tit for tat, and it was wrong, and I apologize.

Leah: I think after that we both just went find blazing at every meeting. I accept your apology. Now I won’t sit here and be fake like we’re going to be besties but I think for the sake of the group, we can at least be cordial and have a fun time. Many people have said you’re a cool girl and I’d love to experience that.

Sophie: We will never be friends unless hell freezes over, but we can be cordial like you said. *extends a hand to Leah* And yes, fun Sophie is the best Sophie! Ask Tanya!

Leah: *shakes Leah’s hand* Agreed Sophie.

Tanya: Aww yay! I’m so glad! My besties are getting along!!

Leah Confessional: Do I trust her? Hell no. Do I care to keep arguing? No. I’ll tolerate her. I have bigger things going on than continuing this. So just call me The Peace Keeper….for now

Sophie: Now since that’s settled… *pulls out a new magazine with Brian’s divorce on the cover*

Leah: Oh girl, not this again…Brian is not happy about all this, I’m sure. He probably has guns blazing for you, Tanya.

Tanya: To be honest, I really don’t give a FUCK what Brian thinks of me!

Leah: You should’ve invited him to this peace gathering!

Tanya: Nah, he’s not important enough. And I wouldn’t let him step foot into my house. Until things are resolved at least

Leah: I hope they’re resolved soon.

Tanya: But if he goes after me again, will you have my back, Leah? Because you know I’m a good person! I didn’t do anything to be malicious or purposely hurt him

Sophie Confessional: Will Leah have your back, Tanya? *laughs* Hell no.

Leah: I fully support you, Tanya. *smiles* Well, I’ve got to go pick up the kids from school. Thanks for doing this, Tanya. And Sophie…I look forward to us getting to know one another.

Tanya: Yes, thank you, ladies.

As the Ladies go their separate ways, the scene zooms out to show a shot of Twitter’s skyline as the scene and episode end.

Next time on Ladies of Twitter…the Ladies come face to face with one another at Sophie’s engagement party for the first time since Kentucky. Will the result be fresh beginnings or fiery drama? Then, two of the ladies ambush another in her place of business in an attempt to solve their troubles, creating more in the process.



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