Season 8, Episode 12: ‘Seven Courses of Drama’

Previously on Ladies of Twitter…the Ladies attended Sophie’s Engagement Party, the first time they were all together following Kentucky. However, drama quickly began as Tanya and Brian clashed over the tabloid bombshells. Sophie and Tyler caught up at Sophie’s office and attempted to move on from the past. Then, at Tanya’s salon, Nick and Brian blindsided Tanya attempted to get to the bottom of what Tanya did at Brian’s taping.

As the episode begins, we see shots of Twitter as the night begins to fall over the city. The cameras then focus in on Tyler’s house, where we see Tyler preparing for a Girl’s Night In wearing stylish pink pajamas. Just then, we see Leah’s SUV pulling up the driveway, parking in front of Tyler’s home.

Tyler Confessional: Tonight Leah is coming over because Apollo and Zack are having a boy’s night and we thought WHY NOT US TOO? *laughs* Leah and I have really connected through our families, husbands, and all-around common interests. We’ve become very close over the past year.

Leah: *opens the front door* TYYLLLERRRR, I’m letting myself in!

Tyler: *runs out from the kitchen* Of course darling, you can let yourself in anytime. I’m so happy to see you! We’ve wine and snacks and more snacks and more wine too! *laughs*

Leah: Yes, I’m ready for some wine honey. I feel like I need a vacay…and NOT a Kentucky vacay *laughs*

Tyler: I feel that darling. Between business, Zack, and the kids, I’m always doing something.

Leah: I mean, these bitches have me seriously WORN OUT! *laughs and sips wine*

Tyler: You don’t even know the half of it. I heard things are better with Sophie though, I met with her at her office the other day.

Leah Confessional: I’m a girl’s girl but Jesus Christ these girls are on a whole different level. On top of being a successful news commentator *winks* it’s really great to have at least one great friend in Tyler

Leah: Oh…and how did that go?

Tyler: She was good, we sort of just talked about the group, me and Nick, you and Sophie, Brian And Tanya. I just always feel like she’s a little bit off. Like she’s the same kind as the rest of the TVs, but she’s on another frequency.

Leah: We’ve agreed to be cordial and I’m cool with that. I don’t ever think I’ll trust her

Tyler: It’s funny, she said the same thing to me. *laughs* Said you two would never be friends.

Leah: Oh definitely not, I can smile and be as fake as her extensions.

Tyler: *giggles* Boy, I wish you’d been there with me at lunch with Brian and Nick the day before Sophie’s little celebration. It was ROUGH! On top of that, I thought I was just meeting with Brian though *shrugs*

Leah: Well you can’t meet with Brian these days without Nick somewhere close by. They’re attached at the hip

Leah Confessional: The puppet strings are securely fastened around Brian and Nick is hard at work pulling them.

Tyler: That’s how it seems. Brian asked me to rank both yourself and himself 1 to 10 in terms of friendship. Brian wasn’t too happy that he got a 4 and you got a 9 *laughs*

Leah: *laughs* Well the proof is in the pudding *shrugs* Like seriously Ty…I know you love your cousin but he treats you so bad sometimes. As a friend, it’s tough to see

Tyler: Brian just has a way about him. I’m not condoning it, but that’s how he’s always been. It’s either you ride with her to the death or you die at the hands of her wit. I just don’t want our family to suffer from fighting

Leah: Even when you ride so hard for her, she still seems to find a way to tear you down. *pours more wine* But yeah, you’re in a tough spot.

Tyler: Our Glamma was broken-hearted last time. They were also very nasty about you, unfortunately, probably because we’re so close.

Leah: Shocker…. what did Pinky and the Brain have to say now?

Tyler: Well they said you influence me to dislike Brian because we’ve gotten close as he and I have gotten distant. I don’t believe that, of course. And then they were also very nasty about your looks…I kept saying how wrong it was but they kept going.

Tyler Confessional: Brian isn’t going to like this but Leah has been a good friend and these women aren’t going to fuck with her

Leah: SERIOUSLY? Girl, Nick Price has the nerve to comment on my appearance? I have to laugh.

Tyler: Nick thinks he’s his husband’s best creation *laughs* Too bad his husband doesn’t sell eyeglasses though.

Leah: I mean, so did Frankenstein’s creator. I think all that cat chow that Nick has been eating has gone to his brain. I think Brian’s threatened by me, honestly. I’ve been in talks with his production team about a possible new talk show idea. I don’t know if he’s aware or not

Tyler: Wow babe, that’s awesome though darling. What’d you think of Bri trying to deny the accusations?

Leah: He’s in denial…he’s embarrassed and rightfully so. I do genuinely feel bad for him. What has he said to you?

Tyler: He just said that it’s lies…I don’t know Leah. This situation is just odd. I read the article…it didn’t leave many questions. But if I said something, I’d be skinned alive so I guess I’ll continue supporting.

Leah: True…I’ll support him even though he’s trash-talking me.

Tyler: Leah, you’re an amazing girl, these women would be lucky to have a friend like you.

Leah: Aww, you’re so sweet. You’re an equally amazing friend, one day, Brian will realize that. Regardless, I’ve got your back girl!

Tyler: I wouldn’t count on that with Brian. We’ve got each other’s backs though, and it looks like we’ll need it. *laughs*

Leah: Now let’s go into your closet and see if we can donate some high fashion items for Nick. Clearly he needs help!

Tyler: To use his own words to me, who knows if we’d find his size…

Leah: You’re right, let’s send the bedsheets *laughs*

Leah Confessional: Leah and Tyler…the new threat. Beware ladies *winks*

As the scene shifts, night turns to day in Twitter and we see shots of the women going about their business. We see shots of Nick working in his cat cafe and Brian sitting in his office going over the lineup for his next episode. Then, the cameras focus in on Tanya’s Home where we see her preparing some breakfast foods for some of the other ladies. Just then, we see Tyler, Leah, and Sophie arriving and heading out to Tanya’s patio to sit for brunch.

Tanya Confessional: After Brian & Nick came to my place of business and harassed me, I invited some of the ladies over to chat and give them the tea on the situation.

Tanya: Help yourself to everything girls, glad that you all made it! Eat all you want, it’s all you can eat breakfast buffet at Casa de Tanya *laughs*

Leah: *leans over to Tyler* So babe, what do you think this lunch is about?

Tyler: I was about to ask you the same thing. I hope it isn’t anything about my cousin though.

Tanya: *overhears* Actually Tyler, it IS about your cousin, boo…unfortunately.

Tyler: *rolls eyes* Well, this is fun.

Tyler Confessional: It’s a delicate balance with Brian and I don’t want to lose that relationship

Sophie: So what happened?

Tanya: Tyler’s cousin is a PSYCHO!

Tyler: No, she really isn’t darling. Is this about the magazine reveal? Because I tried to warn you

Tanya: So, I’m minding my business at my salon… my PLACE OF BUSINESS and guess who comes in?! BRIAN AND HIS BITCH, NICK!

Sophie: Oh my goodness…

Tanya: They come in and VERBALLY ASSAULT me on my salon floor! They’re yelling at me in front of my clients!

Leah: But about what though?

Tanya: The same old shit they always talk about. That stupid magazine thing! I’m OVER IT!

Tyler: I’m not trying to be rude, but couldn’t you be exaggerating just a wee bit? Verbal assault seems like a stretch. I can’t see Brian doing that

Sophie Confessional: Everyone involved is wrong, to be honest. Tanya didn’t need to bring up the article and they didn’t need to ambush her at her salon. Everyone needs to be a grown-up and discuss the situation rationally.

Leah: It’s odd Brian would come at you for something everyone saw. You would think he’d be storming into the magazine headquarters…

Tanya: I am not exaggerating! Can you not see Nick doing that?

Leah: Well, I’m sorry they did that Tanya. Brian has no right to do that. Why not call you and talk about It?

Tyler: I mean your apologies have been half-assed “I’m sorry if I offended you”s. I’m just being honest, I’m not picking any side. I just want to be real and this is really what I think

Tanya: I appreciate the honesty, Ty. And I would apologize to Brian if I were sitting one-on-one with him! But how he came into my salon and handled it was BULLSHIT!

Sophie: Well, as ladies, I think we should just talk about this rationally.

Tanya: AND THEN he told my clients that my salon equipment has lice and all this stupid shit. So uncalled for…

Tyler: I mean…in the past, you’ve said you’re aren’t sorry as well. IF he did behave that way, that is wrong.

Leah: IF? Come on Ty…

Leah Confessional: I love Tyler but he is ALWAYS making excuses for Brian even with how he treats him. Brian Social is under the influence of a new drug…and it’s name is Nick Price. We need rehab ASAP!!!

Tyler: Leah, I just can’t see Brian doing that, I’m just being honest. Nick? Maybe. But I can’t see Brian behaving that way.

Leah: We couldn’t see Brian treating you how he has, but guess what? He has…

Tyler: I know that Brian and I have been struggling, yes…I mean right now, I’m just happy he said the article is a lie and his family is good

Sophie: I honestly feel everyone is to blame for this. Tanya, at the end of the day, you did bring the magazine to her event and in her eyes, it hurt her, so she’s doing to you what you technically did to her.

Tanya: I just want to move on from all of this! Sophie, that’s completely false! I didn’t go up to Brian and verbally assault him. I did it in a nice way, Brian was screaming and acting like a maniac

Tyler: But you did derail an episode taping. *shrugs*

Sophie: True, but you did ruin her event, so as a result, she came into your shop and took shots at you. As your friend, I’m just being honest.

Tanya: Further, THIS ISN’T A LIE! Brian confirmed it in my salon!

Tyler: Brian just confirmed to me and all of us that it was false though!

Tanya: So he’s lying to you, Ty…he doesn’t give a fuck about you enough to tell you the truth. He cares more about Nick than you.

Tyler: I’m still skeptical, I have to be real. I’ve known Brian since birth. We have a connection no one else can. He was there for me last year as my mom died, my kids love him, we are family.

Tanya: That’s good that you love him, but I just don’t think he treats you right!

Sophie Confessional: I love Brian, but I’m not gonna spend my precious time talking about this magazine. Like, it’s so dumb and irrelevant at this point.

Tyler: *checks watch* Well ladies, I have an appointment soon, I’ve got to run. Thanks for having me. I’ll see you all later *hugs Leah and walks out the front door*

As Tyler walks out, the women look around at each other in surprise as he just left before resuming the conversation.

Tanya: Ladies…I’m here because I want you both to understand… I’m not a shitty person like these other bitches are claiming. I feel like they’re just out to make me look bad. In all honesty, I was just telling Brian what my friend told me. I was warning him and I did out of the kindness of my heart. Yes, my timing was shitty and I completely get that, but I will apologize to Brian if he came to me one-on-one and was a grown-up.

Leah: I just think this has all gotten out of control.

Tanya: It has! It’s so stupid and there was no reason to do that in my salon.

Leah: Brian shouldn’t have attacked you as he has. I understand he’s hurt but geez, why can’t he just tell to you one on one. I feel he’s influenced heavily by Nick. Sorry, not sorry.

Tanya: Yes, Nick is the instigator here.

Sophie: They have a very close relationship. I mean, Nick will always have Brian’s back and vice versa. Tyler seemed like she wanted to be neutral, but her loyalty will always lie with Brian because that’s her cousin. That’s all I have to say about it.

Leah: I was shocked about that.

Tanya: I’m shocked, but I’m not upset with Ty, that’s his cousin.

Leah: One on one Tyler is very vulnerable about his feelings toward Brian. But when we’re around the group he’s protecting him.

Tanya: I think he just feels a responsibility.

Sophie: Well, we’ll just have to leave it at that then until we’re all in a room together.

Tanya Confessional: Tyler is a sweetheart… I get what he’s doing. Shit, I’ve done the same thing for people in the past

Tanya: Well whenever that is, can I count on you two to have my back? Because I’m gonna need it against Brian & Nick

Leah: We all need to discuss it together and close this chapter because Brian bring this big bully is getting OLD and quick! I support you, Tanya.

Leah Confessional: Of course I’m going to support Tanya. Brian is making this bigger than it needs to be. He needs a huge reality check. If Tanya needs me, I’m there. Although I know she has no issue handling her own

Sophie: *looks around* Well alright ladies, I better run too, I’ll see you gals soon!

Sophie Confessional: Do I have her back? Of course, but at the end of the day, everyone is wrong in this situation.

As the scene shifts, we see Nick in his home ordering around chefs who are seen preparing a dinner for the women. One by one, we see the ladies start to arrive at Nick’s beachside mansion and head up to the third floor where his dining table is set for a beautiful dinner party.

Tyler Confessional: Nick has invited us all to his house for dinner and an announcement. Now, what that could be, I have no idea, maybe he’s finally taking another trip to rehab, *laughs* but we’ve been getting along so hopefully, that continues?

Tanya Confessional: Tonight, I’m going over to dinner at to Brian’s bitch’s home… AKA Nick’s… I’m not afraid of those crazy lunatics and if they wanna cause more drama that’s up to them. But I’m here to eat some food and have fun with my girls.

Leah: This is a VERY nice home, Nick. I see pussy sells well.

Tyler: So does surgery *laughs*

Nick: Well thank you! I’m not married to Twitter's top surgeon for nothing!

Leah Confessional: Clearly it is for nothing…I mean her Botox isn’t even done right.

Tyler: So Price, I’ve heard you’ve been a busy pussy lately. How are things

Tanya: Well she’s been busy stalking me at work… that’s what she’s been doing… *chuckles and grabs a drink*

Nick: Stalking is a bit much don’t you think? B and I stopped by for a little chat. And Tyler, this pussy is always busy, Jim is an animal! But things are good. Planning a trip.

Tyler: Yeah, so Nick, is it true? Are the tales of Tanya’s salon accurate? Because chat is far from what I heard *laughs*

Tanya: You should have stopped in for a makeover because I could have helped you there, grandma wrinkles.

Nick: Tanya, this is Chanel. I know they don’t sell it at Macy’s, so I can’t say I’m surprised.

Nick Confessional: I’m sure Tanya tried to spin it around on Brian and I. She can’t own anything!

Tyler: So is Bri coming tonight?

Nick: Tyler, Brian had previous commitments. His absence will be missed.

Tyler: Agreed, most definitely missed.

Leah: So what’s for dinner?

Nick: Leah, my lovely chef has prepared a little 7-course meal for us tonight. *motions to the table* Ladies, let’s sit!

Tanya: Nick boo, I’m not just talking about your awful clothes… I’m talking about your botched face! I mean it looks AWFUL!

Sophie: Tanya, stop it! If Nick is ugly, you can take her to your salon and fix her up and make her look pretty. *laughs*

Nick: Tanya, if you don’t have anything nice to say, GO HOME! I’m not doing this tonight.

Tanya: This is payback sweetie, for coming to my salon!

Leah: Can we not get an appetizer? A salad? A breadstick? Anything first?

Sophie Confessional: See, the dramatics. I’m telling you, rational people would be like “So, what did you say about me?” But these ladies in this group take it to another level. They need to bring it on down.

Tanya: *sighs* Nick…I’ll just say this. I’m sorry for calling you ugly because you’re actually a beautiful woman. However, I am pissed at you for coming to my salon and ambushing me!

Nick: *chef begins serving an avocado Caprese salad* I’m not amused. But in the true spirit of moving on, I am sorry I said you gave that girl a chemical burn.

Tanya: Well thank you Nick, I appreciate that.

Tanya Confessional: I had a few drinks on the way here *laughs* When I’m like this, ANYONE IS HOT, even Nick *laughs*

Tanya: Nick, I just love you baby! Let’s kiss and make up! *tries to make out with Nick while laughing hysterically* Give me a kissy kiss NICK!

Nick: Tanya, that is enough!

Sophie: Tanya, are you drunk?

Tanya: Yes, VERY!

Nick: *chef begins serving the next course* Ladies, next we have my chefs signature item, lobster bisque! Bone Apple teat!

Sophie: So Tyler…when we were at Tanya’s home, Leah and Tanya were shocked at your behavior about the Brian situation. Honestly, I wasn’t it, but they were. I understand she’s your cousin and you’ll always have her back because that’s family and Nick will never turn her back on Brian.

Tyler: Shocked? That I defended my cousin? Well good for them, I guess.

Leah: Oh I was definitely shocked…

Nick: They are family, Tyler finally figured out what that means, get off his jock ladies!

Tyler: I’ve always known what that meant actually. Others may have struggled, not me

Leah: Maybe Brian has gotten family and old friend confused though *sips wine*

Tanya: Sophie, you’re too much. *laughs and puts her head into Sophie’s crotch*

Tyler: But wait…why are people shocked I’m defending my family?

Nick: Well you’ve made some questionable choices.

Sophie: People are shocked because you kinda ride the wave as if you don’t know what to do like a lost puppy.


Tyler: I’m far from a lost puppy. Boring? Maybe. Bitchy? Sometimes. I’m not a lost puppy, I just call it as I see it.

Leah: It’s just that Tyler goes 100% for Brian and Brian goes 63% for Tyler. *shrugs*

Nick: Leah, I know you are Tyler’s friend…but that ain’t the truth sis. Brian feels betrayed too.

Tyler: And I feel betrayed by things too, Nick. As I said at lunch with the two of you, we’re far from where we were, and it isn’t just on one side

Sophie: Let me just say this on the table. *looks at Tyler* Where does your loyalty lie?

Tyler: My loyalty lies with me, my husband, and my daughters. Everything else is bullshit. Life isn’t sides or any of that bullshit, it’s you for yourself. That answer your question Sophie? If not, maybe ask a more intelligent question.

Sophie Confessional: Deflect, deflect, deflect Tyler.

Sophie: Of course you should be loyal to your husband, I mean you had an affair with him for goodness sake.

Tyler: AND?

Nick: Sophie, what’s wrong this Tyler’s affair? I had an affair with mine before we were married.

Tyler: Let’s get real Sophie. I hadn’t had sex in 3 years, since the birth of my daughter Emma, when I cheated on my husband. We were just partners, we weren’t lovers anymore. Zack is my life love.

Sophie: Just because you were unhappy in a marriage and used your goodies as an outlet to leave, don’t turn the situation on me because everyone here has questioned your loyalty to Brian.

Tyler: Let’s get it straight bitch and your intellect is falling short with most of this group, just so you know!

Tanya: Girls, just smoke some weed and chill or something *takes another drink*

Leah Confessional: I tried to tell these bitches Sophie was lethal but I guess you gotta experience it for yourselves

Tyler Confessional: She’s a blonde bimbo running around saying “ooo, can I write this check?” “Ooo, so you need money?” You need daddy’s money to function so maybe stay quiet honey

Sophie: At least I’m only one bitch…

Tyler: Well a bitch is a bitch is a bitch!

Nick: ENOUGH! We are here to have a nice fucking dinner! I’m trying to enjoy your company to see if I want to invite all of you to Egypt! But if none of you can behave yourselves in my home, then you can all go home!

Tyler: Sorry for the show Nick. I’d love to come to Egypt if I’m invited!

Tanya: EGYPT?! YASSS! Let’s go to Egypt, BITCHES! *laughs and takes shot*

Nick Confessional: My last trip to Egypt was pure hell, for many reasons. If any of these bitches think they’re going to mess this up, I’ll drown them in the Nile.

Leah: Egypt? Sounds amazing!

Sophie: *mumbles* You won’t be Tyler…

Tyler: *rolls eyes* Now she’ll cry at the end of the table for the rest of the night *laughs*

Leah: Can we all just get along? Egypt is too beautiful to spend time fighting.

Tyler: I’m always nice *smiles and winks* Let’s just eat. This food is too good to be yelling

Sophie: Then shut up and eat it!

Tyler: I’m fine, thanks panini!

Sophie: Aww, is that what you named your perfume? Short and sour?

Tyler: What does short and sour have to do with a panini?

Tyler Confessional: Why did I call her panini? She’s always pressed about something or someone.

Sophie: Speaking of, We still haven’t seen it on display in any stores around Twitter. Must be a stunt like your relationship with Brian. *sips drink*

Tyler: Yeah definitely, my life is all fake. Glad someone finally figured it out. *laughs*

Nick: GOD! Just kill me right now, I beg you!

Leah: Enough fighting, well here’s to Nick for inviting us to Egypt and here’s to a good trip!

Nick: Yes, I’m probably going to regret this, but let’s go to Egypt!

Sophie Confessional: Who is Tyler? Besides a trick? She’s honestly one of the most fakest people I’ve ever encountered because her thing is she shuts you down. You can never shut Sophie down.

As the Ladies begin to cheers their Egypt trip and Tyler & Sophie glare at one another, the scene and episode end.

Next time on Ladies of Twitter…as the Ladies prepare to begin their trip to Egypt, the unresolved tensions are at a new height following dinner at Nick’s home. Then, as the Ladies land in Egypt, intending to have fun, the problems seem to have followed them from Twitter as the arguing ensues, which leads one Lady to walkout at the first dinner.

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