Season 8, Episode 15: ‘Confessions and De-Nile-s’

Previously on Ladies of Twitter…the Ladies attempted to move forward following the issues that occurred at dinner and drinks on their first night in Egypt. As Tanya arrived, Sophie felt less alone and was ready to enjoy the group once more. As all the Ladies, minus Brian, took a camel ride through the desert to a picnic lunch, things took a turn as Tyler revealed something shocking about his husband and Sophie & Tanya pressed Nick’s buttons. Sophie and Nick met in Nick’s room to resolve tensions and discuss Tyler’s revelation.

As the episode begins, shots are seen of pyramids and the exotic areas of Egypt. The scene then focuses on a restaurant near the women’s hotel where Tyler is sitting, awaiting Brian to join him and catch up with one another.

Tyler Confessional: Today I’m finally meeting up with Brian so we can talk about everything that’s been happening in the group and both our lives. It seems Brian wants to hide some things and I just want to be there for him

Brian: *walks in* Hi hun

Tyler: Well, fancy seeing you here! Long-time, no see!

Brian: Yes, it’s been a trip from hell…I needed some time away from Sophie, Leah, you, life…I mean, can you blame me? After everything Sophie said, you said.

Tyler: What exactly did I say? You’ll have to enlighten me.

Brian: You questioned me!

Tyler: With a fair question, my darling. I just want to know the truth. I want to defend you, but need to know how and why!

Brian: Where is the loyalty? Where is the family? Where is the friendship! Is it all with Leah darling?

Tyler: Honey. You can ask anyone, even your friend Nick, I have been standing up for you constantly in your absence. I just think I also deserve to know what I’m defending and protecting you from

Brian: But honestly, if you wanted to be genuine please Tyler…just PLEASE, ask me one on one. Not in a group setting. You should know better, you were raised better! Do you understand why I would be hurt? If you asked me now, I wouldn’t be upset. But then? After everything that happened…

Tyler: I understand why you’re upset and I’m sorry for that but I don’t know that I think you would answer one on one either

Brian: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being you didn’t care and 10 being you do care…what number are you right now with my situation with these rumors. Do you really care? Or do you find humor out of this? 1 to 10 Tyler!

Tyler: I’d say a 9 or 10. I truly care about you, Brian, and that seems to be what you miss every time! I don’t find any of this bullshit funny. I just want to know the truth

Brian: *begins to cry* But when will you get your ass out of Leah’s asshole?

Tyler: I’m not in Leah’s asshole! Are you in Nick’s? Because that’s the same logic.

Brian: But I miss my cousin, you don’t get it. You just don’t *shakes head* At least Nick is nice to you!

Tyler: IS HE? Is he really? Lately sure, but he’s done things to try and embarrass me in the past and you sat there mute! It’s the same thing. And further, I’ve told you. You! That you and Leah should sit down and talk. I’m not involved in whatever that issue is

Brian: I’ve talked to Leah, we have moved on I think.

Tyler: That’s great, I’m happy for you!

Brian: Tyler, Are we going to go in circles? Can we just move on? You upset me, you apologized, anything else? Have I upset you?

Tyler: I’m not trying to go in circles hun. You personally haven’t upset me, I just want the truth from my cousin. Not the deflections you give these other people.

Brian: Have I not?

Tyler: I mean, I can’t speak to that. Have you told me the truth? Because if I listen to the talk, you haven’t. So here and now, are you getting a divorce? I want to know how to support you and I can’t do it like this.

Brian: *tears up* No…

Tyler: Bri, don’t cry. I’m just trying to be honest with you. I mean, Zack has talked to your husband for crying out loud Bri, I just want to know the truth as your family

Brian: Are we now believing everything we read!? If that’s the case I keep reading about your lawsuit…do I bring that up?

Tyler: Bri, that just came out today about Zack’s business, but if you want to bring it up, you can. I’m not talking about things I’ve read. I’m talking about things I’ve heard you’ve told other people

Brian: *looks at camera crew* IS THIS A FUCKING SET UP? I’m feeling attacked. Tyler, I’m not doing this *starts to take off mic and gets up* Is this why you wanted to meet me?

Tyler: Bri, stop, nothing is a setup. I’m just trying to talk to my cousin
Can’t you get that? I didn’t think the Zack stuff is true, but apparently, it is. The story broke this morning and I got to talk to him this afternoon. I’m being honest Brian. I just want the same from someone I love *shrugs*

Brian Confessional: I’m confused. I’m not really sure why Tyler is coming at me with all of these questions. It’s not fair.

Brian: And I love you. I just don’t get why you are all trying to destroy me. Like why does Sophia care? She isn’t Coming from a good place. *takes a sip of water and sits back down* How was yesterday?

Tyler: Trying to destroy you? That’s what I’m doing? I’ve ALWAYS had your best interests at heart whether you want to admit that or not, Brian.

Brian: Okay, okay, hun. What did I miss yesterday?

Tyler: Things with Sophie and the rest of us have been pretty tense since dinner a couple of days ago. Tanya is following down the Sophie rabbit hole. She had Nick ready to rumble at lunch. They said something about her marriage and having an affair or something. I didn’t quite get it all, but it exploded fast. Leah and I pulled Nick away from the situation

Brian: Didn’t they say that about you also?

Tyler: Sophie asked about my affair, yeah. The difference, I think, is that I actually had one. Granted, I don’t know much about Mrs. Price.

Brian: She would never! She is too classy for that!

Tyler: CLASSY? *laughs* There are lots of words I’d use to describe Nick, that definitely isn’t one of them.

Brian: Well I know nick on a different level. He’s classy most of the time. Very loyal though.

Tyler: Loyal I certainly see, it’s something we have in common.

Brian: Do I need to see Sophie and Tanya again? Are they on the same plane?

Tyler: Well love, the trip isn’t over yet. Are you seriously just not going to show up anywhere?

Brian: At this point, do you blame me… if you aren’t, I mean I know Tonya and Sophia are trying to start issues with me and now with nick also. Do you really blame me?

Tyler: I mean, Sophie doesn’t treat me well either. If you want me to be honest, this just looks like pussy-ing out and that isn’t you

Brian: Well that’s true. And I’m a little stronger than you, so if you will be around her I guess I can handle it.

Tyler: Just speak the truth, Bri, that’s all people want. It’s all I’ve wanted for sure.

Brian: Great, thanks Tyler. I getcha loud and clear. Shall we head out?

Tyler: I guess darling…

Brian: You guess?

Tyler Confessional: And I still don’t know the truth… *sighs* I don’t know what to say or do. I just can’t

Tyler: I mean, this just seems so one-sided sometimes…I laid out all my business and here you sit with your drink.

Brian: I laid out everything, no? Aside from my secret…

Tyler: So it’s a lie that you’re getting a divorce?

Brian: I said that?

Tyler: No, you said nothing! That’s my point. After I share my husband’s private issues with you, my cousin.

Brian: Honestly it’s a secret and I don’t know if I can exactly come out and say it.

Tyler: *rolls eyes* Let’s go.

Brian: OH. Okay, I was going to tell you hun, but we can head out

Tyler: You just said it’s a secret so which is it? A secret for you and Nick or something you can tell your cousin?

Brian: *stern-faced* I suppose I can tell you… *leans in and whispers* SOPHIE IS A PYSCHO!!! *laughs* Let's go, Ty, I was just messing with ya. Let’s go watch the sunset!

Brian Confessional: I just love playing around with my baby cousin *laughs*

As the scene ends and the cousins walk out of the restaurant, the scene shifts and we see all six Ladies on the van, following a souvenir shopping outing in a bazaar market, heading towards their final dinner at an expensive restaurant in the heart of Egypt. We see shots of the restaurant’s authentic belly dancers as the women arrive and take their seats around the table.

Sophie Confessional: It’s the final dinner and I’m happy to take my rich ass and leave. While this has been my first girls trip in a while, it has also been my worse. If I wanted to fight and argue with women who could potentially be my mother, I could’ve found my own. Regardless, I’m gonna try and sit here and eat my food.

Leah Confessional: Thank God! We’ve made it to the end! I truly hope we can just eat in peace and leave the bullshit here so we can get back to some normalcy… I am DRAINED

Nick: Ladies! Thank you so much for joining me for our last dinner in Egypt. I appreciate you all for coming.

Tyler: Wow! Beautiful place for a final dinner. Can we cheer to Nick? A great hostess!

Brian: Thank you, Nick! You’re a great hostess.

Nick: Aww, thank you, guys. I’m thinking of writing a book titled ‘You Host?’

Leah: Oh…well that will be something.

Nick: Ladies, before we forget…I got each of you a little souvenir at the Bazaar to remember our trip. It’s a little pyramid keychain, engraved with each of your initials. *the Ladies all take their keychains and thank Nick*

Brian Confessional: Yeah Nick, such great memories *rolls eyes*

Tanya: I’m shocked I get one *laughs*

Nick: Tanya! Of course, you get one! I wouldn’t leave anyone out purposely. So who wants to play a game? What was your rose of the trip, and what was the thorn?

Brian: My rose was seeing the pyramids and the thorn was being attacked.

Tyler: My rose was riding camels and my thorn was things I still don’t know about fully *sips drink*

Leah: My rose has been seeing this amazingly beautiful country. My thorn, still in progress *sips wine*

Nick: I’ll start, my rose was spending time in this beautiful country with my best friend Brian, my thorn was Sophie and I’s little spat.

Sophie: *rolls eyes* Of course…

Tanya: Nick, stop being messy… you knew doing this “game” would cause issues

Nick: Sophie, be nice. We have 12 hours left and we haven’t been kicked out of the county yet. And Tanya, I haven’t said anything negative about anyone, so don’t play the blame game on me, girlfriend.

Tyler: The night is still young for trouble…

Sophie: Oh so just blame me for your being a bad hostess?

Brian: Oh stop. He was a great hostess. If you guys didn’t like his plans no one had you chained here.

Nick: Who said I was a bad hostess? Everyone was thanking me for a lovely trip before you showed up?

Tanya: I’m not saying a bad hostess…I’m just saying you made up this game to be messy

Sophie: Brian, you should seriously be quiet because you ran away from your blame as you missed most of the trip, so please do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. You think everyone else should bow down to you!

Brian: Oh so it bothered you that I left? PLEASE! *laughs*

Sophie: You aren’t even worth my piss Brian, don’t flatter yourself. I mean it bothered you that your husband left you so…

Nick: Well here we fucking go.

Brian: Well your the one who seems so bothered I had other plans! Next time, I will sit next to you, hold your hand, tuck you in at night. Would that make you happier? Little Sophie is trying to be relevant again.

Leah: Wait… Sophie, weren’t you Brian’s biggest advocate at the Derby? Now you’re throwing that at him as an attack? Wow…I didn’t think you could get lower Sophie but surprise you can.

Sophie: Oh Leah, fuck off! You are LOW!

Nick: Sophie, you know low better than any of us.

Leah: Go jump in the Nile River and drown Sophie. Do the group that favor and your family probably would appreciate it too!

Tanya: Brian, you guys, STOP IT!

Brian: What about Sophie!? I’m sick and tired of those two coming at me. They need a hobby.

Tanya: YOU need a hobby BITCH! Coming to MY salon?! You’re PATHETIC!

Brian: Next time I come, I will bring a mop and some soap for your store and that ass of yours. Your place smells.

Tyler Confessional: These bitches are still talking about all this? God help the wait staff here

Tanya: SHUT THE FUCK UP! You are a LIAR!

Sophie: Brian, honestly, worry about that flopping puss of yours. You wonder why your fucking husband can’t stand you? All you do is run your mouth like a trick!


Brian: My pussy smells like roses compared to your salon. PLEASE!


Brian: You two are obsessed with him divorcing me! ENOUGH!


Leah: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. *turns to Brian* So it’s true then?

Sophie: She can throw glasses and destroy Tanya’s business, but she can’t ever admit her truths.

Brian: *pauses and looks at Nick* Yes…I am actually getting divorced.

Tyler: *spits wine out on the table* Hold the FUCKING PHONE! Are you serious right now?

Tanya: SEE! He lied to y’all! He lies about everything! He doesn’t give a FUCK about y’all aside from Nick.

Sophie Confessional: Brian is truly delusional. He can attack me and Sophie but yet she wants to cry and play the victim.

Brian: This isn’t about all of you, it’s about me! Why would I tell you, Tanya? You aren’t a girls girl. You take this opportunity to attack me!

Tyler: Oh shut the fuck up with that!

Nick: He is in PAIN! Can’t you see that? Can you not be a cunt for once?

Tanya: I’m getting a FUCKING divorce too! But I don’t play VICTIM!

Brian: Tanya you found joy in ALL of this. Only Tyler, Leah, and Nick had my back about this. And even Sophie for a little. Just stop!

Tanya: I’m going through the SAME shit, Brian! Don’t you see that?! I did it to HELP you! NOT HURT YOU!


Tyler: I won’t be having your back anymore. You can bet on that

Nick: Ty, are you serious?

Brian: WHAT? WHY?

Tyler: Because you’ve made me looking FUCKING STUPID. HERE I AM FOR WEEKS DEFENDING YOU AND SAYING ITS ALL BULLSHIT AND I ASKED YOU THIS MORNING! I can barely even look at you right now!

Brian: You have NO IDEA what I am going through!

Sophie: Be a decent human being and own your shit! *stands up* You’ve made your cousin look like a piece of shit!

Tyler: As I said Brian, shut the fuck up with that. Ladies, I can handle myself, I don’t need backup.

Leah Confessional: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…Tyler’s backbone!

Tyler: So why was it too deep for me to know 12 hours ago one on one but now it can be table conversation? *visibly seen shaking*

Brian: TY STOP IT!

Leah: Tyler, what’s wrong? What’s going on?

Tyler Confessional: I can’t even tell you how mad I am right now! I am ready to EXPLODE!

Brian: It was a freaking secret Ty! You of ALL PEOPLE should understand.


Nick: Tyler, you more than any of us should understand not wanting things to get out…

Tyler: Pardon Nick?

Nick: Your husband is in HOT WATER right now and maybe you are too…

Tyler: NICK, YOU BETTER BACK THE FUCK UP WITH THAT! I told you ladies about it. Where’s the secret?

Nick: Well Ty, I’m not convinced Zack isn’t guilty, that’s all, and I think you were in on it…

Tyler: IN ON IT? You’re out of your fucking mind…oh wait, we already knew that.

Sophie: *eating her food* All this shutting the fuck up…

Nick: Ty, I’m here for you. You just need to be honest.

Tyler: I AM HONEST! My husband was charged with a fucking crime. I PRAY TO GOD HE IS INNOCENT. BUT I DONT KNOW. WE HAVE SEPARATE FINANCES. Anything that’s done is on his ass! And *glares at Brian* I can’t believe you can just sit here while your best friend accuses me of being guilty OF FRAUD!


Brian: Me?

Tyler: *mocks Brian* ME? Yes you, dumb fuck!

Brian: I’m still in shock over how your upset with me that I’m going through something horrific

Tyler: You’re so fucking sick in the head. You two bitches literally twist everything!

Nick: I’m quite sane actually.

Tyler: *stands up* I’m off to the airport. Goodbye. *runs out of the restaurant* Those bitches will never see my face again.

Nick: He better go move those funds around.

Nick Confessional: How can you claim to not know what your husband is doing? I know everything my husband does.

Brian: Tyler, wait… *gets up and runs after Tyler* WAIT!


Tyler: What Brian? Another punchline? Lemme guess me again?

Brian: Stop, can you hear me out?

Tyler: I ASKED YOU 12 FUCKING HOURS AGO! And I’ve defended you every step of the way. But this? This isn’t cool Brian Social.

Brian: I didn’t want to tell those bitches! I hate them all! You think I wanted to tell them! It slipped!

Tyler: *laughs* Oh Brian…alright. Well I’m sure I’ll see you in Twitter

Brian: I’ve been going through so much shit…I needed time to digest it all Ty! Please stop. You know I love you.

Tyler: Where is my fucking taxi? I’m getting my bags and going to the airport. I will sleep in an airport before I sit in that hotel again. And how can you say you love me? Just think about it Brian

Brian: STOP TYLER! I DO LOVE YOU! Please stay…

Tyler: *taxis pulls up and he gets in* Just think about it Brian, adios or however the Egyptians say it. *rolls up the window and drives away* Driver, get me the HELL out of here.

Brian: *falls to the sidewalk sobbing as the cameras pan out*

Brian Confessional: Tonight was proof that some of the ladies were out to get me. Instead of being supportive. They attack. Why would I tell them what I was going through?


The table is in disarray as the remaining four women sit there, shocked by the night’s events.

Sophie: So no dessert then, I guess?

Sophie Confessional: I’m thinking I should trade in my role at Starz and just start filming reality because this you can’t make this sh*t up. Even if you tried. You would fail.

As the women then begin to get up from the table, hotel bound, shots are seen of Tyler’s speeding away and Brian sobbing on the sidewalk as the scene and episode end.

Next on Ladies of Twitter…the Ladies return from Egypt and attempt to find a way forward amongst the group. Tyler brings back an old friend in an attempt for an understanding ear, but at a Dress for Success event, the Ladies reunite with drama. Have new sides formed among the women?



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