Season 8, Episode 17: ‘ Pottery Dash and Smash’

Ladies of Twitter
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Previously on Ladies of Twitter…the Ladies returned from a dramatic trip to Egypt with Tyler reuniting with his old friend Joshuaa in hopes of having backup on the drama. However, at Brian’s charity event, the tensions reached a head with Tyler and Brian having an ugly back and forth in front of everyone.

As the episode begins, we see shots of the city skyline of Twitter, followed by the camera focusing in on an Italian restaurant in downtown Twitter. There, we see Tyler sitting, scrolling through his phone, as Brian arrives at the restaurant to meet with Tyler.

Tyler Confessional: So Brian has been calling ever since his charity event, but I haven’t really answered or said anything. But when he asked me to dinner, I decided I might as well come. Bri and I have too much history to just toss it now.

Brian: *walks in and sits down* Hi Ty…

Tyler: Hello Brian, you look well.

Brian: I’m actually not that well, but thank you. You look good also. *sits and sees drink menus* Can we have dinner menus?

Tyler: Well I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s just order appetizers to start…probably best.

Brian: OH. Well…okay then. Thank you for meeting with me hun.

Tyler: Of course, you know I make time for my family.

Brian: So you still love me?

Tyler: I’ve always loved you.

Brian: Then why can’t you understand why I didn’t want to say anything to people?

Tyler: Who said I didn’t understand that? You just don’t seem to understand that I’m not just people. Isn’t that what family is for? To help comfort you? To help you emotionally?

Brian: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I’m not sorry. This was something I was going through and guess what, it is NOT about you!

Tyler: *laughs* You’re right, me wanting to be there for my cousin is all about me. Glory to Tyler, praise be to he.

Brian: *rolls eyes* Ty, can we just move on?

Tyler: I mean do you really think that’s the only issue here? Your dear friend accused me of FRAUD! Said I’m out here committing fraud with my husband who he doesn’t know a fucking thing about either, mind you. And you just sat there cool as could be

Brian: Why the HELL would you think I was in the right frame of mind for that? After I get attacked from the room and you throw a hissy fit when I spill the beans about my marriage! This is EXACTLY what I meant before!

Tyler: A hissy fit? That’s what I did? Brian, I had asked you twelve hours earlier if the rumors were true and you kept lying to me. And you didn’t get attacked, stop with the theatrics.

Brian: It was NONE OF YOUR GOD DAMN business!! I was attacked by your new-found friends Ty! Tanya and Sophie.

Tyler: Brian, those girls aren’t even my close friends!

Brian: But you sat there and let them attack me. Calling me a liar and BELITTLED THE FUCK OUT OF ME.

Tyler: You have lied this year.

Brian: I had every-right to withhold information. And if you don’t understand that, then you are no family member.

Tyler: Oh WOW, not family? That’s great of you to say. My turn to ask the questions. If it was this big secret, why can Nick know? I’ve been as loyal to you as anyone and the fact that this shit keeps happening makes me want to vomit

Brian: Of course you bring him into this Tyler. I’m done with this conversation. There’s no point

Tyler: You brought up Tanya and Sophie who I’m not even particularly close to. Why can’t I ask about the one friend you have?

Brian: Because I was ASHAMED. I didn’t want you to judge me! You are my family and I was not ready. That’s ALL!

Tyler: I am divorced, Brian. Don’t think I’m going to judge you for the same thing

Brian: And we’re back to you. Like always.

Tyler: We aren’t, I’m trying to say we have been in the same position. You’re literally sitting in front of me lying! We don’t talk about me all the time *rolls eyes*


Tyler: Am I not allowed to tell you how I felt about something that upset me? Am I just meant to bottle it all up in a jar forever while you can just do whatever the FUCK you want?

Brian: You have told me, and I’ve explained and you are not understanding anything.

Tyler: You haven’t explained or apologized actually. You said sorry but I’m not sorry. That’s not an apology, certainly not one for someone you claim to care about.

Brian: I’ve apologized. That’s all I can do. With that being said ty, I will be leaving. I tried, I explained myself. Who knows WHAT the hell you are looking for…but when you realize the shit I’ve been through and its reasoning, I will be around. Until then, take care baby cousin, take care. *walks out of the restaurant.

Tyler: *turns to producer* And not a question about my life. *laughs* See this is the standard bullshit with Brian. He has this warped view of reality that only suits him where everyone wrongs him and he never has to apologize. I can’t live like that anymore. I really can’t. Guess I should get the check

Tyler Confessional: I’ve always loved and stood up for Brian, sometimes to the detriment of my other friendships *flashbacks of last year* But this is enough. I can’t live like this anymore

It’s a sunny day in Twitter, as the scene begins we see shots of Twitter and Tyler cleaning his store ready for it to open for the day. Leah and Tanya both arrive together, hoping to catch up and do some shopping.

Tyler’s Confessional: I’ve invited Leah and Tanya couple of the girls to stop by the store for a fun little shopping and catch up. We haven’t seen much of each other since Egypt so hopefully, we can just catch up, no mess. PHEW.

Leah: Hey lovebug! *kisses Tyler*


Leah’s Confessional: I’ve been really concerned about Tyler after his husband's legal drama. Although I’m proud of him for standing up to Brian, it feels like there’s an underlying issue going on. He’s strong but I can’t help but check on my friend, he means a lot to me.

Leah: Loving the new summer collection!

Tyler: Yeah, things are still running well around here *laughs*

Tanya: Love it! I’m so happy to see you both! Shit has just been crazy lately and I’ve really missed both of you.

Leah: GIRL! I haven’t seen you since Brian’s event! You brought some reinforcements! *laughs*

Tyler: Oh Joshuaa? *laughs* I’m so glad he got to come with me. Joshuaa is a dear friend, she lived in Twitter for 6 or 7 years before she moved back to London

Leah: From the looks of it, you didn’t even need his help *sips water*

Tyler: *laughs* Frankly didn’t want to say anything to Brian that night…

Tanya: I mean she seemed cool, but she also waved me away when you were talking to Brian and NO ONE can wave me away. That shit is disrespectful

Leah: You had Brian SHOOK, Ty.

Tyler: I doubt that she had some balls the other night. She up and left our appetizers meetup.

Leah: I met with her and Nick the other day, and Brian could barely hold it together. I told them that Brian was hard on you sometimes and he got super defensive

Tyler: That emotional Brian was certainly missing the other night. She basically said sorry, I’m not sorry. *laughs* Apparently I also make it all about me.

Tanya: Oh girl, she makes it all about her. I think you just need to cut Brian out of your life. Even if she is your cousin…sometimes family hurts you the most.

Tyler: I’ll never cut Brian out of my life. I’m just done with the relationship as it was.

Leah: They also said something interesting about “When Tyler comes for you one day, you’ll see the truth.”

Tyler: Turn on you, that’s rich. *laughs* They can say whatever they want.

Tanya: They’re trying to take Tyler down just like they wanted to take me down. They’ll do ANYTHING and say anything in order to make Tyler look bad

Tanya Confessional: I think everyone is starting to see Nick & Brian for who they REALLY are…as FRAUDS!

Leah: I’m glad you’re in a good space about it, Ty. Now I hate to bring this up but…how are things with Zack?

Tyler: Zack is doing okay. He’s had to stay home from work, obviously, so that’s hard on him. I was there when the charges were officially read to him in court a few days ago

Tanya: That’s rough…just know you and your family are in my prayers, and if you need to talk, I’m here for you, and I know Leah is too.

Leah: I’m so sorry Ty, but absolutely, we got you.

Tyler: I appreciate that Ladies. *sips water* This is normally the kind of thing I’d chat with Bri about *tears up*

Leah: Awe honey! Don’t worry about that. We are gonna see them soon at the pottery class. Hopefully, things are okay and don’t pop off. *looks at watch* Well I’ve gotta pick the kids up from basketball camp, I’ll see you girls at the class!

As the scene ends, we see the cameras shift over to Sophie’s family mansion where she is pointing things out to her butler who is preparing a spread of food for her and the guest that she soon has arriving. Just then, we see Brian driving up the driveway and parking in front of her house.

Sophie Confessional: I invited Brian to my home for desserts and champagne to just clear the air. We were fine at one point and then he just flipped on me. Will I ever trust him again? Never, but I just want to get into a cordial space.

Sophie: Why hello. Glad you could make it. I started to feel you wouldn’t show up.

Brian: Well I wasn’t going to come, but I got a bit thirsty.

Sophie: So it’s like that now? *giggles* Well come in and follow me to the special room I’ve reserved for us. *arrives in the room* Pick out any bottle you’ll like and we can sit and get started.

Brian Confessional: *imitating Sophie* Like that now? Now? YES!

Brian: We can try that one. *points at bottle*

Sophie: Alright…. *grabs bottle and pours a drink for Brian and sits* So, where do I begin with you? We were fine until Egypt where you unleashed your crazy side and became the ultimate bitch towards me.

Brian: And do you have an idea why that is?

Sophie: I’m very clear about why that is. You were upset with me because I wouldn’t give you any info of the drama surrounding me. I wouldn’t be your little ass-licker so as a way to punish me, you decided to involve yourself in something that didn’t involve you, and as a result, you faced the other side of Sophie.

Brian: Did you invite me here to belittle me? Sophie, I have no intentions on staying here if you are going to treat me this way. If you want to talk like civil human beings then I will stay

Sophie: Oh not at all. *takes a sip* I’m just here so you can remember the facts of the story and not flip anything. I’m not yelling or shouting at you, I’m speaking in a very calm and civilized manner. Your problem with me is that I brought up your husband? Correct?

Brian: Yes. And let me start by saying I am honestly sorry I throwing the wine glass at you. It obviously got too heated.

Sophie Confessional: Is Brian really serious? You were not acting like a lady at the dinner throwing glasses at me. How classy was that Brian?

Sophie: Thank you, I appreciate the apology. To be honest, that’s genuinely all I wanted was an apology from you regarding the glass. That was very mature of you, so thank you once again. Very heated indeed. I also feel it got heated quickly because of Nick

Brian: No, no, no. Can I explain what was going through my head and why I lashed out? So clearly I’m going to through a devastating and terrible divorce. I’m trying to keep this a secret and not let it get out for several reasons. I’m stressed over it, my show, and then Tanya decided to tell me in front of everyone the news in the magazine during a commercial while filming the show.

Sophie: Okay, understand that.

Brian: Then fast forward to Egypt I have too many drinks and Tanya and you are coming at me saying I have a failing marriage, I’m a terrible wife, I’m getting divorced because I’m a bitch, then it comes out, chaos starts, Tyler’s freaking out on me, I have you and Tanya screaming calling me a liar, I have the divorce in my mind, my babies who are innocent. It’s ALOT TO DEAL WITH! I am the first to admit, I am beyond stressed. This isn't supposed to be poor Brian Social, it’s just me venting. I am stressed. I can’t do it all.

Brian Confessional: I’m good at being strong and hiding my true emotions…but sometimes you just need to have a breakdown and be honest.

Sophie: I understand where you are coming from because I’ve been there before. I also understand how you were under a lot of stress, but you know how the media portrays things. You kept running away from us and to us it looked true, you get what I’m saying? And hand to God, Tanya is not a bad person. Her delivery and timing were wrong, but she had pure intentions. I am sorry with what you’re going through and maybe there will be a special light at the end of the tunnel.

Sophie Confessional: What Brian said was very sweet and honest and I genuinely get where she is coming from, but some of us ladies aren’t causing you that stress. It’s only one lady, in particular, you need to be worried about babe.

Brian: Thank you, hun, *hugs Sophie* I’ve missed you!

Sophie: Sometimes you just need an outlet so I’m happy you’ve come to me. Feel free to take these desserts home to your babies if you want. I’m obviously not gonna finish these by myself. *laughs*

As Brian departs, the scene shifts to evening in Twitter and we see the women, aside from Nick, getting ready to go to Leah’s pottery class and then arriving and greeting one another while getting ready for a fun pottery class.

Leah Confessional: So the tension in the air is HELLA thick! So what better way to squash it is to have everyone mold some clay and make some art! If not, they’ll end up throwing it at each other. *shrugs*

Sophie Confessional: I’m surprised to have received an invite from Leah to a pottery class. I honestly don’t have the energy or time to be around her because if she knows what’s good for her, she would keep her mouth closed. Regardless, I’m very interested to see what I can make with my good ole hands.

Leah: *looks at shop owner* I hope you’re insured, this group can get rowdy. *laughs*

Tyler: Tanya, before we start, I just wanted to say something quickly if I may.

Tanya: What’s up boo?

Tyler: I wanted to say I was thinking about it after you left the store the other day and I’m just sorry about how I treated you at times this year.

Tanya: Awwww Ty, that means a lot! I completely forgive you and I’m glad we’re good friends now. *hugs Tyler*

Tanya Confessional: I truly love Tyler & I’m completely over any beef we had. I know he was just standing up for Brian because that’s his cousin. But I’m glad that Tyler has finally seen the light after coming out of Brian’s ass. I mean he was SO FAR up there he had his own wing. *laughs*

Leah: Girls, I got everyone a personalized apron to use today! *passes everyone an apron*

Sophie: *looks at her apron and sees her name spelled SOFIE* Oh, uhm, this is nice.

Tanya: Oop, the shade *laughs*

Leah: Oh NO! I’m so sorry! I can have it remade. It truly wasn’t intentional

Sophie: Oh no, no, no. It’s okay. Sophie is now Sofie because Sofie is that bitch.

Leah Confessional: *Producer asks* Did you intentionally misspell Sophie’s name? *Leah* No! *scrolls through phone* I sent an email to the embroidery lady with everyone’s……name…. oh shit I misapplied it. Oops *smirks*

Leah: Okay honey, everyone sit down at a station, the class is about to start.

Just then a naked man with only an apron on walks out and Leah announces this is a naked pottery class.

Tanya: HOT DAMN! Maybe instead of pottery, we should do a nude painting of the instructor! *laughs*

Tyler: Is he only instructing us in pottery? *laughs*

Tanya Confessional: That instructor could teach me ANYTHING he wants! I’ll be his star student *winks and laughs*

Sophie: Naked pottery? I’m not really comfortable with this…

Tanya: Come on Soph, it’ll be fun! INSTRUCTOR! Put your big dick next to my friend's face! *points to Sophie and laughs*

Sophie: No sir, stick it in her mouth and make her shut up. She’s very horny. All the time. *laughs*

Tanya: I haven’t had dick for a while so I’d gladly take it

Sophie: Oh really? Clearly, the HOE-stess hasn’t had any either.

Leah: I get enough dick from my husband! Thank you, Sophie. Matter of fact, he’s waiting at home to attack me right now *laughs*

Sophie: Just fun shade…mixed with a bit of truth. And obviously not. Look at what you have here in front of us. Ohhh, well since you get a lot that’s probably why you’re so dumb. You’re just so exposed to dick you don’t know any better.

Tyler: Sophie honey, you can have fun like this without it being so serious. My husband would find this funny honestly

Sophie: But she’s a MARRIED WOMAN over here letting a man flash his stuff in her face!

Brian Confessional: For once the drama does not involve me. I’ll sit here and zen it up.

Leah: My husband is threatened by this little man. Have you seen Juicy Apollo? There’s nothing wrong with eye candy.

Sophie: I have never seen your husband and don’t want to.

Tanya: Soph, I don’t think you have to be a whore, I just want you to relax and have fun.

Sophie: No, my name is Sofie today. *laughs and points at the apron* My shirt says Sofie. I like it. It can be my alter-ego which refers to me as that powerful bitch. *laughs and picks up a drink*

Brian: Well cheers to Sofie then.

Leah: *rolls eyes* Anyways, thank you, ladies, for joining me.

Sophie: Brian, cheers to you. Thank you for being a good person and not doing underhanded things behind my back.

Tanya: What are you talking about?

Tyler Confessional: I want to become friends with Sophie but it’s three steps forward and then an entire leg in her mouth

Sophie: Well I wasn’t talking about you or you *points at Tanya and Tyler* The person knows who they are. Trying to shame me once again. I won’t stand for it. *downs flute of champagne* I just find it odd how anyone can be called a friend these days when that friend is trying to hurt you when you are clearly at your lowest.

Tyler: If this is about the apron, she offered to get a new one made…

Tanya: Sophie, I think you’re drunk…why don’t you go home? I can take you.

Sophie: No Tanya, I am not a drunk! Don’t do that!

Tanya: Girl, I never said you’re a drunk. I said you may have drunk too much…it happens, we all drink.

Sophie: I haven’t drunk that much. I’m totally fine. *nearly falls onto Tanya*
I’m just very tired and just tired of that one over there being fake.

Sophie Confessional: Tanya has the nerve to assume I’m drunk? No, I’m fairly sober darling.

Tanya: Girl…I’m worried about you. Are you okay?

Sophie: I’M FINE!

Leah: Yeah…totally fine, we can all tell.

Brian: Just let her speak.

Tanya: Brian stop, I know my friend…stay out of it!

Brian: Tanya, you can’t silence everyone in your life. LET HER SPEAK!

Sophie: Let me just find my way to the exit and call my driver. Because what I don’t need to do is lie to all about something like she does. I don’t need to hop and hop…playing little Miss Innocent, bitch, please. *walks towards exit and calls Tanya* Tanya, come on! You too Brian! *walks out with Tanya and Brian*

Brian Confessional: Hop and hop? Are we talking about the Easter Bunny now?

Tyler Confessional: Oh god, I would love to be a fly on the wall in that car!

Leah: Ty, don’t you ever recommend I be friends with that girl again!

Tyler: *sighs* I’m just glad we all made it through in one piece. And I’m honestly glad it’s just you and I here now *laughs* simpler

Leah: Let’s look at the girls’ creations. *walks around with Tyler looking at the pottery and smashes her fist into Sophie* Oops.

Tyler: *laughs* That’s too funny…and naughty!

Leah: Yes! *snaps for instructor* Could you pick up *throws random items on the floor* these for us? *winks*


Sophie: *puts hands on Brian and appears to be drunk as I am very sober*
Brian, I just want you to know, this isn’t a moment. I’m being very honest with you. Watch that one, because she’s acting like she cares when she’s just stabbing you in the back.

Brian: WHO? WHO? *looks to Tanya* Her?

Sophie: No, no. The D’Vanzo chick. Watch your back with that one, a bad thing is coming for you if you don’t watch it. *car pulls up* Well ladies, let’s go!

As the three get into the back of the SUV, the scene and episode end.

Next time on the season finale of Ladies of Twitter…the Ladies attempt to resolve the issues amongst them, but another article in the press threatens catastrophe as the women attend a Charity Fundraiser for Twitter’s Elite. Will the women resolve their issues or end in disaster? Will the cousins find a path forward?



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