Season 9, Episode 8: ‘Hands Tied’

As the episode suddenly begins, ominous music plays as we return to the bar where the Ladies were last seen arguing…the cameras then pan into the Ladies who are standing at the bar.

Pat: I CAN’T TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE *grabs a drink and throws it at Leah*

Leah: YOU BITCH! *tackles Pat*

Brian: *screams and falls down* Oww, you bitches. GET THE FUCK OFF ME!

As the scene continues, we see Pat and Leah rolling around on the floor pulling each others’ hair. The two then break apart and we see both disheveled on the ground while Brian is also on the ground.

Devyn: *helps Pat up* Chill out sis. Tyler, get your bitch.


Leah: *holding a piece of Pat’s weave* Keep talking shit bitch!


Brian: Fuck you bitches, that shit hurt!

Tyler: You of all people shouldn’t call someone else a bitch Devyn. Girls ENOUGH! This is ridiculous

Devyn: I’M MRS. BITCH TYLER!! I own my shit. You should try it.



Pat: I’m done. *grabs another glass and throws it to the ground*


Brian: *stumbles up* You plastic whores, I’m hurt


Devyn: Bri, are you ok?

Tyler: What the fuck just happened

Brian: *seen bleeding from the glass* Someone call the cops. Get the cops and an ambulance

Pat: Get Leah the fuck outta here!

Leah: *starts throwing glasses around trying to get at Pat* I WANT HER HEAD!

Devyn: Pat, CALM DOWN! Brian is hurt.

Tanya: Calm down Leah… calm down, babe. She’s not worth it

Pat: I’m good. Let me just walk outside

Devyn: Brian let me see where you are hurt.

Leah: Tanya, I fucking hate her!

Brian: TYLER! Those fucking two! *panting* My leg is all bloody, my ankle is twisted. I mean broken. I don’t even know!

Tyler: God, that girl is out of control. Leah babe, I told you not to let her get you there.

Brian: I will never be that trashy Pat’s friend again.

Devyn: Please Tyler. A bag of ice from the bar.

Leah: Tyler. That bitch threw a drink on me. I’m in fucking Gucci Spring 2020! She's going to jail

Brian: Leah, I can buy you a new dress. Can you buy me a new leg?

Leah: Oh Brian stop! You’re such a drama queen. You have a paper cut *shoos Brian away*

Tyler: Please don’t fight you two. I can’t handle any more tonight

As Brian hobbles out to be examined for his leg and Leah and Pat leave in a frenzy, the room settles as glass is being cleared by servers. The rest of the Ladies stand in shock.

Devyn Confessional: I’m truly shocked by how physical that got. Wow. How do we even come back from this?

Tanya: Let’s try to have fun and stick together after that craziness

Leah Confessional: Pat doesn’t know the trouble he’s just started! It’s war now bitch… it’s on sight every time I see you!

Devyn: Brian, you definitely aren’t dying. *rolls eyes* Tanya, Can we talk?

Tanya: Sure Devyn, what’s up?

Devyn: That was a lot. I don’t know who to trust.

Tanya: Girl, I don’t know either… that shit was CRAZY!

Devyn: Seems most people left. I was going to invite everyone to a private studio session with DJ Khalid. Want to go with me? Just us? *orders Uber* We can end our night right. Good music and better company.

Tanya: You know, that would be so nice! I’d love to.

Tanya Confessional: Devyn and I have been at odds lately… however she wants to do something fun & bond? I’m IN! Especially if DJ Khalid is involved

Devyn: Let’s go, T. Our ride is here, let’s start salvaging this trip…

As the scene shifts, night becomes day in Miami as we see the women starting their days…aside from Leah who we see packing her bags and heading back towards Twitter, we then see her in the confessional chair.

Leah Confessional: After last night, I had to take a step back, I can’t believe that things got to that point, and I just think that the best way forward is to walk away from a toxic situation.

The cameras then shift and we see Tyler heading down to the beach with Brian. Devyn has arranged for the two to have a surfboarding lesson with an instructor. They strip down to their swimsuits and start trying…

Tyler Confessional: Today, Brian and I are going for a surf lesson while we’re here in Miami…we’ve had a rocky road in the past year, but we seem to be getting back on track

Tyler: It’s good to see you aren’t skin and bones anymore. Finally a little meat

Brian Confessional: As if staying in a hospital wasn’t bad enough… here Comes Tyler with his classic insults! I’m sorry we all can’t look like a beached whale.

Brian: *laughs* Well thank you! You're too sweet!

Tyler: I love complimenting my cousin. And I wanted to say thank you for standing up to your clique last night at dinner

Brian: Tyler…it pissed me off. My blood was boiling. I know you can handle your own, and wanted to handle it but I just burst. I can only take so much of their shit! I still think this was a setup.

Tyler: They’re your friends, I don’t know a thing about them. They came to your party with that same stuff happening

Brian: Well I don’t know if we’re friends anymore. Especially PAT! That fake bitch. I can’t believe he tried to maul me.

Tyler: You definitely got caught in the crossfire. I feel bad for you…and Leah

Brian: LEAH!? LEAH?! I bet I wouldn’t be limping today if it wasn’t for her flat ass and chicken legs!

Tyler: Leah got attacked too Bri…your friend threw a drink and kicked it all off

Brian: Which friend?

Tyler: Pat. Devyn’s Spanx ass didn’t do shit

Brian: Fuck him! It’s like he secretly had it out for me! I’m DONE! I’m still in shock though…like did he feel better? I never want to see his face again.

Tyler: Hallelujah! Brian has seen the light MIAMI!

Brian: Do you blame me??

Tyler Confessional: God, we just thank you that after two years, I think that call finally knocked sense back into the Britch…

Tyler: Not at all! I’m just surprised…you seemed to have a deep dose of the Koolaid

Brian: I’m my own person, did Pat and I hit it off? Yes! I will miss the Pat I THOUGHT I knew…

Tyler: But you’ve known Leah and I for so much longer!

Brian: And? So? I am loyal to YOU, not Leah.

Tyler: You just disregarded what we saw and thought over someone you met three and half minutes ago

Brian: Pat was fun! I have more fun with him than Leah.

Tyler: I’ve never seen an ounce of fun from that one. Leah and I have had fun for years

Brian: Well Good for you two!

Tyler: You need to give her a chance…a REAL chance

Brian: WE will see. Maybe…

Tyler: Not one where she’s besties with someone you hate or you think she’s stealing your cousin

Brian: I mean she’s tried all that. Tyler I don’t know. Let’s see. Let’s focus on US!

Tyler: I’m ride or die, honey, I’ve always focused on us. Except for your little misbehavior

Brian: Tyler, your nose is growing. Looks like you have your old botched nose back! Should we go for this lesson?

Tyler: Bitch *laughs and shoves* Yes, let's go

As the two start surfing, the scene shifts and we see Devyn looking at a potential space for her second DEVine Spa. She is seen examining the space and looking around with her realtor and assistant when the realtor leaves for a moment for the two to speak.

Devyn Confessional: We’ve been riding around most of the day looking for new locations for DEVine. I’m so thrilled about expanding my empire.

Ally: This is gorgeous Dev.

Devyn: I love that it is beachfront. DEVine will be a perfect vacation hot spot for when people visit South Beach.

Ally: I love it here.

Devyn: Would you move here?

Ally: Absolutely!

Devyn: Let’s talk about you running this location once we are back in Twitter. *looks around the space* This is perfect. I love how the sunlight is lighting up the whole place. I think this is the one. Ally, I’m so glad to be away from that group of catty bitches for the morning.

Ally: What all happened yesterday? I was in the lobby when y’all came back and everybody looked very very unhappy.

Devyn: Honey, it was a disaster. A complete clusterfuck. There’s baby daddy drama, broke bitches and victim card playing bitches.

Ally: Wow. Why are they all so unhappy?

Devyn: Who knows! One thing that has happened is Tanya and I kinda burying the hatchet. Brian is probably mad at me because I called out his, wearing a mask of fairness, cousin Tyler who tried to cross me

Ally: You and Brian are close though. What do you think happens?

Devyn: Chile, Brian and Tyler will be back at odds before we land back in Twitter. It will be short-lived. I do hope that Pat and Leah are about to work out their differences because frankly, I don’t care who all Apollo has been sticking his dick in. *shrugs*

Ally: *laughs and looks around* Well this is the new place huh.

Devyn: Yep. I can’t wait to have this place built out. I want to have it open in 90 days. Ambitious, I know, but I want it up and running by Spring Break season. Come on Ally. Let’s go back to the realtors office and sign on the dotted line. I’ve got to meet up with the Ladies soon…

Ally: Let’s do it, boss.

As the scene shifts, we see some of the Ladies getting ready to go horseback riding along the shore. We see Tanya and Pat standing there as Devyn rushes from her meetings to greet them.

Pat Confessional: Last night was horrible. I have to apologize for my actions but I’m happy to see Devyn. Tanya and I have had some issues but maybe we can get along today.

Pat: Look at these beautiful horses!

Devyn: They are gorgeous. *whispers to Pat* Play nice today.

Tanya: I DID NOT expect to see Tanya here…

Devyn: She’s here for a little fun.

Pat: Okay let’s just get this over with before we get on the horse.

Tanya: You did not tell me Pat was coming along… Pat, are you gonna play nice today?

Devyn: Smile. Both of you. Let’s go enjoy the horse ride on the beach.

Pat: I was an absolute monster to you yesterday. I’m sorry

Tanya: You better not throw another drink because bitch I’ll throw my shoe at you!

Pat: I truly just want to move on in a positive direction

Tanya: Excuse me? You’re apologizing? Well damn! I was not expecting that. That’s very nice, Pat… I accept your apology and I’m sorry for how I’ve treated you as well.

Pat: I appreciate it. I think in time, you will understand why I got to that place last night *tears up*

Tanya Confessional: Pat is apologizing?! Girl, hell has frozen over and we’re skating on it because Pat & I might actually be moving forward!!

Pat: Okay now before I start crying let’s get on these beautiful horses and ride!

Tanya: Yass ladies! Let’s ride these horses like we ride a dick! *laughs and slaps Pat’s ass*

Devyn: See we can be friends. Pat knows all about riding dick. *laughs*

Pat: *laughs* You know its girl!! So what did you guys think about last night?

Tanya: Girl, last night was crazy! Devyn and I even ended up bonding after all of the craziness happened

Pat: So there was some positivity from all that craziness!

Devyn: Also about last night with Tyler. She is lying…well, withholding the truths about Zack. It’s obvious. I wish she’d talk to somebody. Maybe her and Brian are bonding after last night

Pat: Oh please. Tyler needs to start being honest. She’s just like her bestie

Devyn: I loved bonding with you last night Tanya. We have definitely moved in the right direction.

Tanya: Yassss Doctor!

Pat: Side note…I don’t know what the fuck happened with Brian. Granted I pushed her, I pushed you too *To Tanya* I’m sorry. I wanted to get to Leah

Tanya: Girl, I don’t even know. It was all just one big clusterfuck of a mess

Devyn: Brian will be ok. Just send her something…

Pat: Brian and Tyler’s relationship doesn’t seem genuine to me. Something is just so off

Tanya: I mean they’re cousins, but since I’ve known them both they’ve had a very weird relationship. Do they like each other? I mean not really, but they put up with each other because they’re technically family. That’s their problem girl. I don’t wanna hear about their drama anymore because since I’ve met them, that’s all I’ve heard about and I’m bored with it… and I think everyone else is too.

Devyn: I agree with all of that T

Pat: I agree. It’s very tiring and annoying. I think I was just getting annoyed that Leah wasn’t sticking up for her friend. Like how does Tyler not see that she’s not a real friend?

Devyn: I don’t know who likes who but I know what I like. Both of you, Brian, and the gorgeous view.

Tanya: Well that’s just how Leah is… to be quite honest. I love Leah, but she’s never really stood up for me

Pat: So then why do you love her?

Devyn: Can’t have backseat friends Tanya. Friends like that will let you take the fall for something they did. Nope, not me.

Tanya: Because she’s supported me but she doesn’t fight my battles, which I guess just hasn’t been a huge issue for me.

Pat: I’m telling you both you don’t even know the whole story with me and Leah. It’s so much. It’s so hard to talk about

Tanya: I can fight my own battles and I’m used to fighting on my own so I guess I just didn’t think much of it… until you guys just brought that up

Devyn: I’m sorry Tanya. I can tell you’re a ride of die friend.

Tanya Confessional: Is Leah REALLY my true friend? I thought so, but Devyn & Pat kind of have me thinking otherwise…

Pat: I just want to formally apologize to you, Devyn, for acting a fool last night. You made that dinner so beautiful.

Devyn: *grabs Pats hand* It’s truly fine. I accept your apology. Things happen. Just know, y’all bitches won’t be at my business meetings today.So what’s the deal with dinner before the flight? Who is going? Everyone?

Tanya: I think so? Not quite sure what’s going on with this trip anymore.

Devyn: It doesn’t matter who is there. It will be fun.

Devyn Confessional: Tanya and Pat are good people. I vibe really well with them. I’m glad my opinion about Tanya was changed.

Pat: Fun like a root canal maybe… *chuckles* Let’s go get ready for it, I get it…

As the ladies leave their horses on the beach, the scene and episode end.

Next time on Ladies of Twitter…as the Ladies have one final meal in Miami, the previous night’s incident causes screaming and shouting as Tyler is left alone in the hotseat. Back in Twitter, Leah confides in Nina over what happened in Miami. Can the women work through all the issues that remain?

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