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Ladies of Twitter Season 5 Cast Photo

The. Gloves. Are. Off. The Ladies of Twitter are back and things are bigger and bitchier than ever!!

The fifth season returns July 16th with a 90 minute Season Premiere airing 7/6c only on Bravo!

In the fifth season, the drama has never been so tense between former BFF’s and OG’s Joshuaa Lime and Tyler Newman-Scott who are each working through situations in their lives they didn’t expect to happen to them, Lauralie has reignited the passion in her marriage yet faces a tough time speaking her truth when former friend and Tyler’s cousin Brian moves back to Twitter; bringing his big money and his big baby desires to the group. Billie returns engaged, busier than ever and fully ready to bring the accountability to the ladies and two of Joshuaa’s friends join the fun, Ava is a feisty socialite who is ready to move on from her husbands death and Devyn brings the mystery back! By day a gynaecologist but by night Devyn takes on a whole new persona, could the ladies learn a thing or two from her?

Joshuaa Lime

Joshuaa’s finally got it all, or does he?Following a rocky road to where he finds himself now, Joshuaa prepares to take on a new role, mother! Living in bliss is short lived however when friendships and alliances are tested as the word on the street starts to suggest things are not what they seem in Joshuaa’s life…

Tyler Newman-Scott

Tyler returns to the show on the outs with many of the women of Twitter Past. However, Tyler is determined to continue on his journey of being happy and telling the truth, even if his truth doesn’t always make others happy. Elsewhere, Tyler’s always full plate gets even fuller when Tyler decides to write a book about “his story and mistakes.” But will the women accept Tyler’s motives for doing so or look for hidden motives?

Lauralie Rose

Lauralie returns for her second season on the show and continues standing out and up for herself against anyone who challenges her. Additionally, Lauralie has reunited with her husband and is ready to shout her love from the mountaintops. But is everything really how it seems in that wonderland?

Billie Reed

Billie returns to the show this season and is back to bring the accountability, or so he thinks! Busier than ever and finding huge success with his acting career, Billie also begins plans for his dream wedding this season but finds that even though he’s back to bring the zen, not everything is as simple in this group…

Ava Atwood

Ava is one of Twitters biggest success stories. Through trails and tribulations, Ava holds no punches when it comes to petty drama! Mother to two boys and a widow of one of Twitter’s royalty, Ava comes in swinging and ready to have a good time! Longtime friends with Joshuaa, Ava joins the group ready and willing to help his friend, along with rejoining the dating scene to finally find love again but at cost…

Brian Social

Success, fame, fortune? Brian has had it all! This season the well known empire that is Brian Social moves to the city of Twitter to fulfill one business deal he’s still yet to complete; having a family! Continuing his search for a baby is his core focus, but new business opportunities and an old feud resurfacing with nemesis Lauralie, Brian has his plate full and he’s got good company in his cousin, Tyler!

Doctor Devyn King

Devyn’s a woman on a mission, to break all the rules! A gynaecologist by day but by night Devyn takes a whole new persona, private dancer! A strong and independent woman joins the ladies not knowing what to expect, but soon finds herself in a place she never expected! A dedicated friend and loyal cokmpanion, Devyn also had the pleasure of delivering friend Joshuaa’s baby!

Jac Carter

and returning to the show in a Friend role is none other than Jac Carter! Catching up with Jac is meeting a new person, or is it? Following everything in his life being turned upside down, Jac continues to try to find his place in Twitter society; but one things for sure, Jac’s as feisty as ever!

Ladies of Twitter returns for its Fifth season on July 17th 6/7c for a 90 minute explosive Season Premiere!



Ladies of Twitter

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