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12 min readNov 17, 2023


As we see the Twitter skyline, we hear voiceovers from each of the Ladies of Twitter…

Erica: Erica looks to another Lady. Did you tell the Ladies I was having problems with my marriage?

Amal: Did I tell the girls you were dating a porn star? Absolutely. Amal nods. I did.

Billie: Can I start taking a shot at any time one of you says my name?

Devyn: You change every season; every season is a new awakening you’ve “had.” ANYTHING to avoid addressing your real problems.

Harlow: I CALLED YOU DAY AFTER DAY AND I FELT GHOSTED! You suddenly started blocking me out of your life!

Teairra: Teairra takes a deep breath. I really don’t want to get nasty with you at this table.

Grace: What about your old assistant you fucked over? What about that old woman you hit with your car when you were driving? There’s a lot out there about you.


As the trailer begins, we hear upbeat music as we see clips of the Ladies having fun…

Amal: Amal is seen dancing with Kaylani. You’ve got moves girl! All I can really do is move my fake ass from side to side. Amal laughs.

Grace: Grace splashes Billie using her canoe paddle. Oops, don’t tell TMZ I did that!

Devyn: Devyn shimmies her boobs as she laughs. Mama is the whole damn package!

The trailer then transitions as we see a shot of a woman’s feet, followed by the camera panning up to reveal Amal Hadid’s return to the circle along with reactions from the Ladies…

Amal’s Confessional

Amal’s Confessional: Well, well, well… guess whose back?!? I know you’ve all missed me but your resident pot stirrer is back in the Twitter.

Harlow: That can’t be… she looked completely different when she rolled into reunion on that television screen.

Devyn: Isn’t it lovely that Amal is back in town?

The scene then begins to shift as tense music begins to play…

Tommy (Amal’s Husband): He cries for me Amal because you took him from me for six months and moved to the Middle East.

Amal: Are you serious right now Tommy?

The trailer then shifts as we see Amal with some of the Ladies…

Amal: Well… I got a FaceTime from Grace who was on a date and was, let’s say a little sauced I took a screenshot. One sec. Amal scrolls through her phone to reveal a photograph before we see a bright flash and the scene shifts…

Grace: So, Amal did you say that? I don’t care about her. Grace waves off Kaylani.

Amal: Hold on Grace, do you want to move forward with me? Because it seems like now that you’re around Erica your tone has changed.

We then watch as the scene shifts and we see Erica and Amal arguing…

Amal: I stab all of my friends in the back?

Erica: I’ve been trying this whole time to keep it calm around you but you are truly a despicable human being.

Amal: You said a lot of shit too my darling so let’s hop down from that high horse you’ve been on for the last year.

We then watch as the trailer transitions and we see Erica sitting at a table with Grace and Billie…

Erica: That rumor they put out last year about the paternity of my child and Robert sleeping around, has put a strain on my marriage.

Grace: Keep the communication lines open at all times! You’ve got to make it a priority.

Erica: Erica fans her eyes. That’s what I’m solely focused on right now. I can’t lose my best friend.

The scene then shifts as we see Erica arguing with Friend of the Ladies Kaylani Marriott…

Kaylani: You were being passive aggressive when I was talking.

Erica: Peeping in? You and your size 15 heels stomped your way other to us, dear.

Billie: Kaylani, you literally made a molehill into a mountain at my soirée.

We then watch as the scene continues and Erica is shown talking to Teairra…

Erica: Well, this is a charity event, and I wouldn’t really want to discuss our problems at this moment. Especially with how rowdy you can get. Erica laughs.

Teairra: Rowdy I can get? Teairra looks left and right before laughing. Right…I mean when else am I going to see you, considering you’ve been just ducking every time I tried to reach out.

Dramatic music then plays as we see Erica walking out of the event, before the scene shifts to the remaining Ladies discussing Erica’s exit…

Billie: She’s just got bombarded from the time she walked in until she walked out. Billie laughs. Teairra! What did you do?

Amal: Billie, I know she’s your friend but she needs to be able to sit down and finish the conversation.

Kaylani: Seems like she needs to do more than just saving the ocean, maybe she needs to save that marriage she has.

Teairra: I can’t fake like I feel bad. Teairra shrugs.

We then watch as we see Kaylani and Erica speaking at Grace’s home…

Kaylani: I would like to sincerely apologize to you about our previous encounters…I didn’t know your marriage was falling apart and you didn’t need someone else screaming in your face when you already have enough of that at home. Kaylani shrugs her shoulders.

Erica: Erica moves her glass to the side. Excuse me, what did you just say about my marriage?

The scene then quickly transitions as we see a recording studio and Teairra inside singing…

Kendrick (Producer): Okay Teairra! That was LIT, come on out!

Teairra: Teairra laughs and exits the booth. Was it really? I’m really nervous, this is like the first time I’m actually taking my singing career seriously.

The scene then transitions as we see Teairra in the studio with Billie and Amal…

Billie: Teairra! You did not tell us you could sing like that!

Amal: I can’t wait to get in there and lay down my vocals! Amal pretends to sing as Billie makes a face and laughs.

The scene then shifts as we see Grace and Teairra in a dance studio stretching…

Teairra: Harlow did rub me the wrong way at first though…

Grace: What happened there?

Teairra: I feel like she’s getting really close with Erica and moreso choosing her side over mine.

We then watch as we see Erica out with Billie and Teairra…

Billie: I know you have this new friendship with Harlow, but for you to be so hell bent that she’s telling the truth is comical to me.

Erica: You both… Erica points to Billie and Teairra. wanted me to get along with her.

Billie: And I was a fan of Harlow and cheered her on until she started meddling with my friendship.

Teairra: Not Harlow being up your ass. But that’s neither here nor there. Teairra sips her drink.

We then watch as a tense moment is captured between Teairra and Harlow…

Teairra: Girl, you’re a sneaky fake bitch is what you are! You try to play a saint and you’re nothing but the opposite. You can go run off and cry like you usually do.

Erica: Erica grabs Harlow. Look at me! It’s okay girly! Don’t let her get you out of character like this!

Harlow: You are so desperate for attention seriously.

We then watch as another tense moment for Teairra is captured…

Devyn: Teairra, I haven’t heard little Bo peep out of you since your husband was fired from the hospital. I had NOTHING to do with that.

Teairra: Teairra jumps back. He wasn’t fired, lets backtrack, what I said was-

Devyn: He was fired, but go ahead.

Teairra: And that you used me for a friendship because nobody else was your friend. Now don’t start with the allegations honey!

As dramatic music plays, the scene then transitions and we see Doctor Devyn King as the season begins…

Devyn: Girl, I haven’t been talking to most of them…last season was something. Erica and I aren’t friends, we aren’t enemies, we are nothing. Billie and I are trying to sort out our relationship.

We then see a shot of Devyn with Billie…

Devyn: I miss you Billie…I was really heartbroken last year…I just wanted your support. Devyn dabs tears from her eyes.

Billie: Well, let’s try and find a new path forward for us. Like I said I’m game for taking it slow and steady. I’m dealing with a lot as well.

Devyn: You shouldn’t have to walk through this thing alone.

The trailer then shifts as we see a clip of Billie on the phone with her lawyer, Steve…

Steve: Well Billie, I have some good and bad news about your case…

Billie: Steve, how is this is even possible? Billie begins to cry. How do I respond to someone trying to destroy my livelihood?

We then watch as Billie is seen FaceTiming her mother as she cries…

The trailer then pivots once more…

Erica: I wasn’t expecting to actually speak with you today. Last year was quite a… roller coaster may I say…

Devyn: Right, I don’t want to argue with you this season. Can we let bygones be bygones? And move on? I’ve missed our friendship if I’m honest.

We then continue watching as dark music plays…

Devyn: I trust Billie the least. Two seasons in a row, Billie has inserted herself into my situations that don’t involve her. I’d rather stabbed in the front than in my back.

Billie: Billie rolls her eyes. You didn’t feel this way twenty minute ago.

Erica: I think Billie has been trying with you, Dev.

Devyn: HENCE the constant feeling of being stabbed in my back!

We then watch as we see Erica, Billie, and Teairra discussing Devyn…

Billie: She is only your friend for beneficial gain and that’s a FACT!

Teairra: And the audacity of her to try and talk to me and say she misses me afterwards? Like did she forget to take her meds or something?

Erica: I told Teairra this last year. Devyn had no friends last year and needed someone to boost her confidence when facing the group. Erica shrugs.

We then watch as we see Devyn talking to someone else…

Devyn: My career is really on another upswing. Why would I need that kind of negativity?

As the scene transitions again, we hear a tense beat and see Grace having a conversation with her daughter…

Amy: Yeah, I’m still not very happy about that to be honest, it was a very difficult situation for us. I’m not really happy I’m not involved now to be honest after it was my idea.

Grace: Well, like I told you, business is business and this is nothing to do with you not being able to be a part of it, they offered you a deal and you didn’t like it.

Amy: Yeah, but mom you’re supposed to be my business partner yes, but a mother first. And you didn’t have my back.

We then watch as we see several of the Ladies speculating about Grace and her life…

Teairra: So, is this like a sneaky link or her man?

Amal: With a thing like that, is he really all that sneaky?

Billie: Hey Grace, it’s being reported by Taylor Thompson that you have created a Ponzi scheme…since we are laying it all out there, share with the class what’s going on?

Kaylani: Well damn Grace, your pockets must be loaded first a PPP scam, Porn Videos, and a shady champagne business.

The scene then transitions as we see Grace upset over a comment in the press…

Grace: Grace pulls out her phone and shows Billie. So, you’d rather have someone who’s a friend not around, rather than firing the ones who aren’t your friends?

Billie: Grace, look around you don’t fit in this group. I mean you aren’t interested in anything but Grace and what’s in her world! You probably don’t even know if these girls have siblings or not.

We then watch as Grace stands on a mountain surrounded by the Ladies…

Grace: I’m letting go of the fear of losing the life I have, losing it all. I want to remember I have everything I need as long as I am happy. I want to remember to be happy. And I’m letting go of friends who betray me. Grace screams.

The trailer then transitions once more as we see Teairra speaking with the Ladies…

Teairra: It’s clear we do need a lot more bonding and more of a calm setting so I did plan a big trip to The Poconos with the ladies! I definitely did my research beforehand and it looks like it can probably bring some peace to the group!

Harlow: Is there Wi-Fi Teairra?

The scene then transitions as we see a camera fly before we see shots of the Poconos and a transition to the Ladies arrival at their house…

Teairra: Staff? We’re our own staff! I said bonding for a reason!

Harlow: Is there even tequila here?

Billie: We got alcohol, just no food!

Devyn: Teairra, who’s cooking? You said a bonding trip. Not summer camp.

Amal: I can probably rummage out a cheeky mountain goat or an elk for us! Amal laughs.

We then see footage as the Ladies paddle along the river in two person canoes…

Teairra: Teairra looks at Devyn. Can you like help? I’m doing all the work. Teairra tries to continue to paddle in the boat.

Devyn: Devyn paddles. It would help if we paddled in the same direction.

The camera then shifts to Harlow and Kaylani’s kayak as it slams into a rock and they both scream before the trailer then transitions…

Erica: Erica is shown walking out of an event. What the fuck was that? I’m tired of all these bitches wanting to continuously come for me, FOR NO REASON!

Grace: You know what, clearly I don’t need to sit here with all of you and take part, so I’ll just head back and take my old ass away. Grace gets up and walks away from the table.

Billie: These girls just come for me because they know my name carries weight and theirs don’t. I don’t even want to go back to that dinner…

Amal: Amal starts crying as she walks into her house. That woman…she’s just a monster.

Teairra: Since you want to go based on RUMORS with me, you’ve had a lot of men in your life yourself!

Devyn: Honey, who are you? Devyn looks around the table. The extra has an opinion I don’t care about.

Harlow: Don’t make me some kind of a villain because that’s one thing I’m not!

We then watch as dark music plays and we see the Ladies in the midst of a heated conversation at dinner…

Teairra: Dumb little bitch? Teairra grabs the table and shakes it. HARLOW, SHUT UP!

Harlow: Harlow points her finger at Teairra. You are a dumb little bitch and I will say it over and over!

The screen then goes dark as the trailer ends.

Ladies of Twitter season 16 premieres November 29th at 8/7c



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