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As the trailer begins, we hear birds chirping as an ominous hum plays softly in the background as we see shots of the Twitter skyline followed by a clip of Devyn…

Doctor Devyn King

Devyn: Devyn yells. Knowing me like you do, you ASSUMED something must have happened? Some fucking friend.

The scene then transitions as we see a clip of Billie…

Billie Reed

Billie: You are NO ONE’S friend here, but yourself. Anyone you befriend you use for personal gain. And that’s fact. I learned after doing your dirty work!

We next see Grace as her eyes widen and she begins to speak…

Grace Whitworth

Grace: I am NOT interested in hearing YOU tell me if I’m genuine or not. I know who I am and what I need to do.

The scene then transitions to a clip of Teairra…

Teairra K-Blanco

Teairra: EVERYONE has said to watch out for you, Grace. LET’S BE CLEAR!

We then see a clip of Erica as she eyes someone up and down…

Erica Ka’Oir-Dalio

Erica: Be gracious an invite was extended, because I DID NOT want you there at all. Erica shrugs.

As the clip of Erica fades away, we see Luciana make her way to the interview chair, taking her seat as she begins to speak…

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, we need to start at the beginning so everyone can see what REALLY happened!


As the trailer resumes, we hear party music as we see Devyn and Leila entering Erica’s home as the camera pans around a beautifully decorated backyard…

Leila: Did you find out what she’s announcing yet?

Devyn: Not yet. Devyn laughs. But it should be good!

The scene then transitions as we see Erica coming out and standing on a balcony as she shares an announcement with the Ladies…

Erica Ka’Oir-Dalio

Erica: I wanted to have everyone here to actually be apart of this huge moment in my life. So, to no longer keep you guys waiting, Robert and I are expecting! Erica takes off her coat and rubs her stomach.

The camera pans to the group as they cheer and applaud Erica’s pregnancy before the scene pivots to an upscale library in the heart of Twitter as we see the Ladies standing around Grace as she stands on a stage slightly raised from the ground…

Grace Whitworth

Grace: I was told I have it all, I look like I have it all, but when I sat down to write, I realized — my life is anything but perfect! I’ve done some pretty bad things, nasty too. I’ve dealt with a lot of things with my family and sister. So I give you my book and like the title says, please GIVE ME GRACE!

As we see shots of Luciana and Harlow applauding Grace, the scene shifts and the music begins to get eerie as we see Luciana, Grace, Devyn, and Erica one by one making their way into Billie’s beachside mansion…

Luciana: So the gang is back together!

Billie: We sure are! Doesn’t it feel so good to be back together again?

Devyn: The Legends are all here!

Billie: Did any of you expect me back after Legends? Billie grins. I know it was QUITE a surprise.

Billie Reed

Grace: I figured they’d bring some of the Legends around. Grace smiles and shrugs.

The scene then progresses to later in the dinner as we see the women beginning to argue…

Devyn: What did I do to you Erica? Either say what it is so I can respond accordingly, or get over it!

Erica: Erica shakes her head. Devyn, we you know what you did, I know what you did. And we can just leave it at that.

Devyn: What did I do? I have no clue what you are talking about.

Erica: So you didn’t try and sleep with me in Ibiza?

Devyn: No. I wasn’t trying to sleep you. Girl what? Too much flirting maybe, but I wasn’t trying to sleep with you.

The scene then shifts to an upscale penthouse in Twitter where we see Grace, Billie, Leila, Harlow, and Teairra along with Amal Hadid and Ava Miller…

Amal Hadid (Former Lady): Oh, is that how the story is being spun? Amal sips her drink.

Grace: Well you already told me you know something! Grace points at Amal.

Billie: Amal, you knew about this and didn’t say anything thirty seconds ago?

Amal: Amal looks around at the group and then sighs. Look, did someone try sleep with someone on this trip? Yes, but it was Erica who hit up Devyn late in the night.

Amal Hadid (Friend of-Season 13; Lady- Season 14)

Leila: What? Leila’s eyes widen.

Billie: I call total bullshit, Amal.

We then shift to a cupcake shop where we see Erica and Devyn sitting as the eerie music playing in the background grows louder and louder…

Devyn: Erica, I did not do what you are accusing me of. Are you feeling guilty about some harmless flirting? Are you afraid your dear sweet Robert is going to find out about it? Because there was nothing else to it. For you to come up with this cockamamie ass lie, I don’t get it.

Erica: Erica laughs. You’re really grasping at straws here. Robert knows about the flirting baby, we’re on a reality show. Like let’s get real, Devyn.

Devyn: I’m not agreeing to anything of the sort. I can’t deny flirting with you, or being attracted to you, but I won’t be made to be a sexual harasser because you feel some guilt for nothing. You weren’t worried about your husband when you we talking about leaving him on that trip. Cut the bullshit.

We next transition as the scene shifts to a party at Luciana’s Exotic Lounge where we see Billie sipping a cocktail as she stands with the new Ladies, as well as Grace and Luciana while chatting…

Billie: So, Harlow, Teairra, Leila, how are you girls feeling in this new group of women?

The scene then transitions, as we hear a fun, playful beat and images of the three new cast members appear on the screen…

Leila Harris, Teairra K-Blanco, and Harlow Laurier

The scene focuses in on Teairra’s photo, as we see a photo of Teairra’s mansion followed by a shot of her in her confessional interview…

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: My name is Teairra K-Blanco, for those who don’t know. *coughs* You should already know me by now, but I’m an up and coming fashion designer and a well-known model all across the world…I came here to Twitter to start a brand new life with my husband, Donte Blanco, who is one of the BEST cardiovascular surgeons, who is NOW *moves hands* an attending surgeon at Twitter General, and I’m SO proud! Because i wasn’t so proud of the old reputation we both had due to something so...severe, it was time for a fresh start and everything has been amazing so far.

As the images of Teairra’s life fade from the screen, the scene shifts and we see Erica chatting with Leila in Leila’s boutique…

Erica: Teairra’s definitely a good time! A bit suspicious, especially with her move, but she’s definitely a fun girl!

Leila: Wait, hold up what’s up with her move….

Erica: Well, as long as I’ve known her and Donte they’ve never wanted to move out of California especially because that’s where his practice is. I’ve recently found out that they abruptly moved out of California and here to Twitter with new Social Medias, new numbers, and now he’s working at a hospital instead of his own practice? It just doesn’t add up. Anytime Cali is brought up, she acts weird, but hey… Erica shrugs. What do I know?

We then shift as the scene shows the entire group seated at dinner in a winery overlooking Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts as the Erica and Teairra begin to speak…

Erica: You are fake as FUCK! Erica points at Teairra.

Luciana Donatella

Teairra: I’m fake? Because I’m being grown? Teairra shrugs. You’re pregnant, I think you need to calm down.

Erica: No, you can calm down. I should’ve known you were still that same lying fake bitch from California. You lie, lie, lie, just like you lied about why you really are in Twitter.

Teairra: Lying fake bitch is funny coming from the same person who literally plays the part of a saint when you are the devil in disguise.

Erica: I can be the devil! But I bet I see your husband in hell with me. God don’t like killers. Erica sips her water.

Teairra: Teairra points my finger towards Erica. Bitch, let me tell you something! You should watch the words you use. Because I would-

Erica: Erica stands. No bitch! Lemme tell you something

Teairra: Teairra stands up. Don’t stand up on me. Y’all better get her! She’s pregnant and she’s losing it.

Erica: You’re a fucking liar! You and that killer of a husband!

The women’s fighting then fades from the screen as the scene then focuses in on Leila’s photo and we see a shot of Leila working in her boutique, before the scene quickly shifts, and we see Devyn, Billie, and Leila in Devyn’s home, followed by Billie in her confessional chair…

Billie’s Confessional: Listen, Leila is Uber-connected in this community so she’s always got some tea! And I highly doubt what she says is some bullshit.

Devyn: Devyn laughs. I’m not surprised she’s not paying people.

Leila: Look, I don’t want to start mess but…I’ve heard some of the same things about her. Like you said I heard she’s cheap, there’s fake photos she posts, stuff like that. Lots of…fraudulent activity.

Billie: Billie begins to chug her rose. This is getting GOOD!

The scene then transitions as we see the entire group at Teairra’s house as Leila begins to speak…

Leila: I don’t want an issue with you Grace, but I’ma need an apology for the way you treated me at your showing…or whatever the hell THAT was.

Grace: I’ll apologize when I get one for calling me poor.

Leila Harris

Leila: I didn’t call you poor, I said you were a cheap bitch. And word on the street is you are. I’m not going to take back something that’s true!

Grace: Well, your word on the street is a foul LIE.

The scene then transitions once more as we see shots of an upscale fashion show, followed by a clip of Billie and Leila in a tense moment…

Billie: Just remember, I know the REAL Leila from back in the day!

Leila: Back in the day? We have been friends for like two years. You don’t know shit. You’re seriously delusional.

We then watch as the scene transition once more to focus in on Harlow’s photo, before we see Harlow, Teairra, and Leila inside Leila’s boutique chatting…

Harlow: Well actually I’m very, like, private. But you probably do know the brand I’ve created. It’s a jewelry line called Laurier. It’s been worn by many A-List celebs, and it’s everywhere over the world.

Harlow Laurier

Leila: I have here and there but I never knew there was a face to the name! It’s a nice line! Leila sips her champagne. So, are you both married?

Teairra: Yes, I’m married. Teairra shows the Ladies her ring. Been married for years now!

Harlow: Well actually, I recently had just filed for divorce from my husband. Harlow looks down. I’m trying so hard not to cry!

Teairra: Oh my! Was there a reason to divorce?

Harlow: Well, without telling me, he would go to restaurants with his friends, buy a lot of food, and the bill would come out to thousands of dollars. And… Harlow begins to laugh. He was a cashier at a Walgreens. Sorry. It’s so funny to me he was a cashier at a Walgreens.

As the camera shows Teairra and Leila’s eyes widen, the scene moves as we see Erica and Grace chatting in a restaurant…

Erica: What do you know about that divorce she has going on? Because I’ve definitely heard some things…

Grace: I know her ex really well, and she’s been very quiet lately. I know that

Erica: Well apparently he’s saying that she’s lying about all of this? That he has his own money and would never leech off of her? I’m just so confused about it all. Erica sips her water.

Grace: Harlow seems a bit lost. I worry about her. I think she’s going through it.

Erica: Just seems a bit questionable to me. Erica shrugs. No wonder why she’s so quiet.

The scene then shifts once more as we see the group surrounding a dinner table as the music begins gets tense…

Harlow: Erica, you need to take accountability! You are spreading those rumors you allegedly heard, and that’s not girl code!

Erica: Erica points at Harlow. Y’ALL NOT NO FRIENDS OF MINE! What girl code is there? You come here Harlow and you huff and puff. I have no loyalty to you!

Harlow: You shouldn’t be SPREADING THOSE LIES!

As the tense music fades and the scene transitions, we next see Grace at home with her daughter as they chat…

Grace: Well, I’ve been approached by a publisher to write a book on my life, my struggles and my business success and I wanted to know if you thought about it? Grace claps excitedly.

Amy: Amy makes a concerned face. I mean, I think that sounds like a brilliant opportunity mom, but I am concerned about it to be honest, especially if you’re writing about our family and what’s happening there — like, now with Dad not speaking to either of us.

We next see a shot of Grace sitting in an apartment living room with her twin sister and mother as the scene progresses…

Beth (Grace’s Mom): You are NOT putting that into your book, Grace. Please no.

Allie (Grace’s Sister): So I guess you’re putting it all out there, huh?

Grace: This is a book for us three, to tell the story of our lives and how we have overcome it as Whitworth women. A renewable force! We all make mistakes, it’s about how we rise up to the challenge of the comeback.

The scene then quickly transitions once more as we see the group at a table in Martha’s Vineyard…

Grace: Well, thanks for that I guess. I would just like to say something to you all. I wanted to apologize for being messy and at times, unfriendly. Writing this book is truly opening my eyes to my behavior and how friendships are really, sometimes, all you have.

We then shift once more as the camera shows the Ladies sitting around a table in Cape Town…

Devyn: I appreciate your attempt at owning what you said, but honey apologies don’t erase the words. You were a mean ass bitch today. I forgive you, but all of this owning your shit seems staged if you ask me.

Grace: Grace shakes her head. Well, I meant what I said Devyn. I am sorry, and it’s a shame you won’t own your side.

Erica: Well, Grace, are you sorry for now or actually sorry? Because the conversation everyone had last week was VERY different energy. Erica laughs. It’s coming across a little fake.

Luciana: It really is coming off that way, Gracie.

The scene then moves once more as we see Erica, Grace, Leila, and Teairra in a cable car overlooking Cape Town…

Grace: It shows me that you really aren’t my friend, huh Erica?

Erica: I can be the big bad wolf in your fairytale, Grace. It’s nothing new to me, it’s just a reality you’re making up in your head. We know the truth baby. Its okay.

Grace: You are a liar!

Erica: One thing about me baby, I don’t lie. Doesn’t feel good to get ambushed, does it?

The scene then shifts as we see a shot of Devyn with her ex-husband, and current fiancee, Corey…

Devyn: WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. AGAIN! Devyn and Corey both laugh. Man, has it ever taken a while to get here. The divorce was hard, and necessary though. It gave me space to explore my sexuality, and focus on myself and the kids. It also gave Corey space to focus on his recovery. This show was a little much for him, and I’m glad that he was able to step away, and take care of himself. Devyn tears up.

The scene transitions as we see a clip of Teairra, Grace, and Billie in Grace’s office…

Billie: It’s no secret Devyn likes puss, and that’s okay!

Teairra: Teairra’s eyes widen. Devyn is a lesbian?

Grace: From what I understand, she’s bisexual. She’s remarrying her ex-husband too

Billie: She goes both way Teairra! What ever happened to her girlfriend? Does anyone know? Billie smirks.

The scene then shifts once more as we see shots of a beautifully decorated church, followed by shots of Devyn and Corey at the altar…

Corey: Corey fighting back tears. Devyn, you are so beautiful. Not just today, but everyday that I’ve known you. Thank you for having me again. I promise to love honor and cherish you. I promise to put nothing before you. I promise to support you baby. I promise to be the best version of myself. Lastly, I promise to grown and learn to love you like you need to be loved.

We then shift as we hear Luciana gleefully say, “We’re in Martha’s Vineyard everyone” as the group cheers and the camera shows aerial views of Martha’s Vineyard, before shifting to a shot of the Ladies seated at a winery…

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Devyn: Luci, thank you for the Bachelorette Weekend! This is going to be amazing. Devyn smiles.

Billie: Billie busts out laughing. Wait, we are here for your Bachelorette? Who said that? I came here for Erica’s Baby-Moon.

Leila: I thought we were here for Dev’s bachelorette. That’s what Luci said.

The camera pans around the table before focusing in on Luciana…

Luciana: Ladies ladies! We are here for three events! Erica, Devyn and me! We are celebrating! And I’m leaving out that crusty Pizza Hut Italian troll. Luciana points to Billie.

Billie: And THANKS for that, Olive Garden.

As the camera pans out over Martha’s Vineyard, the focus then shifts as we see shots of Cape Town, South Africa followed by shots of an upscale mansion in the city…

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town Vacation Home

The scene then shifts as we see a shot of Billie and Grace paragliding through the air together as they have an aerial view of Cape Town…

Grace: Grace screams as her eyes widen. AHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK WOW

Billie: Billie laughs at Grace. This is fucking hilarious!!! WOOHOO!!

Grace: Oh my god, I peed myself a little! Grace laughs.

As we continue seeing clips of the Cape Town trip, we hear thunder in the background as the music becomes dark and ominous once more…

Devyn: Billie, why did you get in Teairra face about inviting me on this trip? You were just at my house 2 weeks ago celebrating my child, but you didn’t want me here?

Luciana: Oh wow… can’t we just enjoy our vaca?

Devyn: Hush, Crystal Meth. Go for swim if you want to enjoy your vaca.

Billie: I want you here, but your violence I do not.

Devyn: My violence? What about YOURS? OWN YOUR SHIT! Billie, why don’t you tell the group what’s going on in your life? You have secrets and I’m ready to spill them all.

Billie: Billie looks over at Devyn. What now bitch? What do you have to say?

Luciana: Come on, we all know Devyn makes up lies when she is cornered.

Devyn: All I will say is Billie being sued…

As the thunder continues in the background, the scene shifts to a shot of Billie FaceTiming Erica…

Billie: Erica, I am really going through it my friend. I am going to need you to support me, okay?

Erica: What’s going on sis!? Is everything okay?

Billie: Well I’m being sued. It’s just total bullshit! It’s the furthest from the truth!

The scene then shifts once more as we return to Cape Town and see Billie, Devyn, Luciana, and Harlow at a beach bar…

Luciana: Luciana drops her phone while screaming. NOO NOOOOOOO!!

Harlow: Harlow walks over to Luciana. Oh my gosh, what has happened?

Luciana: My…my restaurant. It’s…GONE! Luciana cries. It burnt down.

Harlow: NO! WHAT?!?

Devyn: Devyn turns to the bartender. Her restaurant burned down apparently. The food wasn’t good, but that’s sad for her. I’m sure she has great insurance.

The scene then shifts as see shots of Luciana and Maria stand outside of the burnt down Milan Restaurante…

Luciana: Luciana is seen sobbing. I can’t believe this, this was my life.

Maria: Have you heard about how it started?

Maria Donatella (Luciana’s Sister)

Luciana: Something about a cigarette they said…

As Maria’s eyes widen, the scene returns one final time to Cape Town as the thunder intensifies and the Ladies are all seen shocked around a dinner table overlooking a safari…

Erica: You did say that, Devyn!

Devyn: I sure did. Because I’ve heard it.

Grace: She said I didn’t write my book too! How awful of her

Devyn: Bitch, you had a ghost writer. Shut up.

Erica: Devyn, who talks to you? Nobody. You’re just making things up to get back at me because we’re not friends.

Grace: See, she’s lying now ladies. She’s sick!

Erica: She’s an animal. Belongs on the other side of these walls around us!

Devyn: I could care less if anybody at this table likes me. Except for Leila and Teairra. The rest of you can choke.

As we hear one final, electric thundering boom, the screen fades to black before returning as we see a shot of Tyler Newman, an original Lady of Twitter…

Tyler Newman (Lady of Twitter season 1–11)

Tyler (Former Lady): Well, cheers to healing Ladies! Tyler winks as she laughs.

Ladies of Twitter Season 15 airs, starting January 27 at 8/7c with new episodes each Monday and Friday



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